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    Some 15mm Platoons for France 1940 and a review by the Little One of the Airfix Battle Rules. “The rules are simple to understand for a 10-year old wargamer. However I have played a lot of games before so maybe they are a little bit more difficult for you. … There is also a way you can play against yourself in Solo mode … harder than playing against Papa because I roll very well for both sides.”
    / Hope it is of some interest, link here.

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    Nothing found on the link.


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    The link takes me to a blank blog page but links to the blog’s content can thankfully be seen in the right column.

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    We’ve played some Airfix Battles for light relief, replacing the grid with a 4 inch move per grid square, and they give a fun quick game. Great for armour on armour bashes. The only thing we find is the infantry AT weapons are a bit underwhelming so there’s little incentive to take infantry when you can bash through most things with a big enough tank.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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