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    Russell Phillips

    SOTCW Journal 86 is now out. Paper copies were posted earlier today, and PDFs have been uploaded to Wargame Vault.

    SOTCW Journal 86


    The Ifni War Spain’s Forgotten War
    Auxiliary Units The Home Guards Special Forces
    The Campaign in Malaya 1941 – 1942
    Meet the Members Russell Phillips
    Gaming with the GHQ WWII Ruleset
    Notes on The Great War Rob Morgan’s series continues
    Invasion 1943! A hypothetical Pacific campaign
    Interview with Roland de Vries Former South African Major General
    Slutsk 30 June 1941 A Regiment/Brigade scenario for Spearhead
    The U-Boat Comes Of Age Live Bait Squadron vs U-9, 22 September 1914
    Operation Varsity A WW2 Rapid Fire Scenario
    A Japanese River Flotilla 1944 Overview and modelling suggestions
    Torpedoes on Dogger Bank 1914-1918 Small naval actions in the North Sea
    The Kinmel Park Riots Unrest on the streets of North Wales, March 1919
    The Armoury/Little Warrior 15mm & 20mm kit reviews/figure reviews
    Rules of War Rules and Supplements reviewed
    Bookshelf Book Reviews
    Rob’s Rearguard

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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