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    Russell Phillips

    SOTCW Journal 87 now out

    Journal 87 is now out. Paper copies were posted earlier today, and PDFs have been uploaded to Wargame Vault.

    Back issues from subscription 10 (Journals 59-64) are now also available from Wargame Vault.

    Darsa Kobba – Rif War, Morocco, 24 June – 6 July 1924
    Warsaw Pact River Crossing in the Cold War – Tactics and vehicles used
    A Modelling Guide To Creating a Shadouf Well – A step by step guide with photos
    Wargaming with Young Children – Introducing children to Wargaming
    Meet The Members – Assistant Editor Andrew Rolph
    A River Crossing Summer 1941 – A Regiment/Brigade level scenario for Spearhead
    Notes on the Great War – Rob Morgan’s series continues
    “The American Front” in the Great War – Wargaming an alternative WW1 history
    Taking Lyon on the Ninth Day – The 1964 Warsaw Pact Plan for a Nuclear War in Europe
    Operation Konrad I – January 1945 – The Relief of Budapest
    The Kosovan Liberation Army – Ushtria Clirimatre E Kosoves or the KLA in the 90s
    Nachtjäger – German infrared equipment in WW2
    Drive on Smolensk – a replay – An After Action Report
    Charlie Foxtrot – Modern squad rules for 20mm
    The Armoury
    Big Boys Toys
    Rules of War
    Little Warriors
    Rob’s Rearguard

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    Man I am out of touch, when did this go digital?

    Awesome news though, as the postage to NZ was always a killer

    Russell Phillips

    Subscription 14 (of which 87 is the penultimate issue) was the first to have a digital option. You can sign up for Subscription 15 now (Wargame Vault / Direct). The first issue isn’t due until the end of November, but you get 10% off if you subscribe early.

    Back issues from issue 59 onwards are also available as PDFs, and I’m working on getting issues 53-58 into PDF.

    Just to be clear, we still offer paper copies. The postage outside the UK is still expensive, but we have managed to reduce prices across the board for Sub 15.

    Edited to add: If you subscribe (to the current Sub 14 or Sub 15) you’ll get a discount of about 80% off back issues.

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    Great thanks for the info. I used to be a member but postage made it too expensive. Great magazine though I and I will subscribe again soon.

    Russell Phillips

    That’s good to hear. Postage gets very expensive once you’re outside the UK, and especially outside Europe. We were hoping that a PDF option would help us get more members from outside the UK 🙂

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