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    Avatar photoirishserb

    I’ve done a preliminary search, and am struggling a little regarding options.  I know of FoW, but base my units individually at 1 to 1, and can’t figure out how many actual figs are in their packs or if they make all that I need, and am not sure their figs woud be the best fit on my table anyway.

    I was originally thinking True North, but see that they are not currently available from Old Glory, and haven’t been able find anything about what happened to the Legions East line.  There is also QRF, but their range will leave some voids in my units and with FOW the only only other current option, I think compatability between the two may not be so good.

    Are their any other metal options out there?



    Avatar photoTony S

    Damn shame about True North not being available any more.  I wasn’t aware of that.

    I think you’re sadly correct – right now only Battlefront and QRF are your only options.  I haven’t bought Battlefront in a loooong time, but back in the olden days, when tanks were resin, and infantry were metal, the FoW infantry matched fairly well with QRF and Peter Pig in my opinion, although their bases were quite thick.  My Germans and Russians are a mix of all three.

    Has that changed?

    Avatar photoMartinR

    Depending how fussy you are, many of Peter Pigs SCW range do as substitute Rumanians. The guys in the dome helmets and the ones in berets (for mountain troops). Some Rumanians were also in Adrian helmets, so French or anyone else in an Adrian helmet.


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    Avatar photoirishserb

    Thanks for the replies and ideas, not sure what route to take yet.

    I tried contacting “Old Glory 25s”regarding the status of the True North figs and got a fast reply saying that another company was selling them, and the name of a caster that might be making them.

    I was also directed to  a different e-mail address for more information.  That address was to a different “Old Glory” e-mail address (merrimac shipyards), but it turned out that the account was closed.  So, no info on True North.

    Funny that wanting to give a company my money for figs that they have is so chanllenging.

    In any event thanks again for the suggestions and information.


    Avatar photoirishserb

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to share that Old Glory followed up with me regrding the True North line of figures,  filling me in on the status of the figures, and making every effort to put me in touch with the new owner.

    The True North line has a new owner, and the line will be made available again in the not too distant future, likely with new product/codes that were never released.

    Teresa at Old Glory was really exceptional in her follow-up, going above and beyond what any customer could reasonably ask for.

    I just want to put the word out there that Old Glory was a absolute class act in responding to my question, and I am completely impressed with the level of customer care offered.

    Brian O’Leary

    Avatar photoJim Webster

    That’s good to hear, Brian.


    Avatar photoDevon Start

    basing your minis individually shouldnt matter to how you buy them. Mine are based for easy eight battleground ww2.
    i still buy figures from flames of war.
    here is the hint. count the minis on the page, they show pictures of everything in the set.
    in the end however what matters is what you are looking for.
    it says ” 1 mg team” for instance.. the skinny is youre getting one MG. how many figs you get to service it, well thats sort of irrelevant. youre going to get at least one gun and one loader maybe a spotter depending.
    so go count the minis on the site- for instance it looks like the rifle platoon has 74-75 minis in it.
    you can also email them as you will 100% get the correct answer. we are all going to guess just like you

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