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    A project that has floated around in the back of my head for many years involves doing an alien invasion of the Soviet Union.  Since I already have a significant collection of 15mm Soviets, I thought that I might explore the possibilities.  I am only vague aware of what is out there in the way of 15mm aliens, so I’d though I’d ask, who makes 15mm Aliens?

    What I have in mind are combined arms games with individual infantry that could feature a significant number of vehicles and potentially more individual infantry than many gamers would probably want to deal with.

    For the aliens, the first step will be to find the alien soldiers, “build” their culture/psyche and then their technology, i.e., weapons, vehicles, flying machines, etc, to suit them.  I’d like to find aliens that are loosely humanoid, but clearly not human.  I’m thinking maybe along the lines of the movie Battle Los Angeles for the ground-pounders.  I don’t want humans with gerbil heads or naked lizard men with zapatrons. It would be really cool if there were different types of figures, maybe heavy infantry and lighter more mobile types, and possibly rear area kind of guys not in alien battle-rattle.

    A little larger than humans is welcome, but not little alien grays so much.  I’d like earth to be kind of awkward for them, maybe house to house is a real pain for them, because they bump their heads a lot and can’t turn around easily in a hallway.  The figs could maybe even be 20mm scale, though that will probably push the size difference a bit.

    Heavy weapons would be cool, and maybe even some small walkers, but not big stompy robots or mechs.  I figure that I’ll work on vehicles and drop ships, once I know what the critters looks like and how they function.

    I’d probably run this as some sort of campaign, and it could be more post-apoc at times, than “cold war sci-fi”.

    I appreciate any suggestions for figs, or other ideas that anyone might be willing to share.





    Have you looked at Ground Zero Games 15mm Stargrunt Range. There are several Alien Species in there all with support weapons etc, not just grunts.

    Ral Partha Europe have 15mm Critical Mass Games minis..

    Vanguard Miniatures also do some 15mm Sci Fi but has a more 40k flavour.

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    Mr. Average

    Khurasan Miniatures in the USA makes a very serviceable set of aliens of several species.  One of their most favorable (to me) is their crustacean-like “Itu’a,” which might suit your desire for something genuinely alien and not “Man-In-A-Rubber-Suit.”


    ian pillay

    My go to for aliens of all shapes and sizes….

    15mm HOF Science Fiction Range

    I have some of their grey aliens with the flying saucer, not painted them yet but they are great little sculpts. They have just released some, what can only be described as “angry cows on steroids”

    As mentioned above GZG do some cool 15mm aliens and don’t forget Pendraken 10mm Alien aliens are a good match for 15mm. I use them against my GZG SG1 away team.


    Andrew Beasley

    CP Models have a mixed set of 15mm Sci-Fi but I think the Space Ogres may fit your needs.

    The site is a bit limited but currently (April 2021) this link here should take you direct to them.

    No idea of the actual size though but this blog post shows them with GZG 15mm NSL troops.


    Mike Headden

    Elheim’s (https://www.elhiem.co.uk) new Combat Skinnies would do as large droid types in 15mm.

    3 poses (advancing, firing and standing) with rifle type weapons and one with a heavy weapon.

    Combat Skinnies


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    This is awesome.  Much to sort through.

    Many thanks, guys!!



    Plenty around: Khurusan, Rebel Minis (‘bugs’ in particular), Alternative Armies (HOF are just one of their ranges), GZG, QRF (for “Aliens” aliens), RaL Partha Europe (the ex-Critical Mass range), Eureka (Ventaurans & ‘Space Germans’) Darkest Star (Ventaurans, compatible with Eureka but slightly differently equipped), RAFM (the original Trwaveller range), Clear Horizon and Bluemoon to name a few.

    12mm and 20mm ranges can also provide smaller and larger aliens.

    At the end of the day ‘a man in a space suit’ looks a lot like ‘a Humanoid in a space suit’. Non suited ‘civilian types are harder to find, but do exist amongst the ranges, GZG and AA are particularly good for that.

    I have Venataurans as my ‘Humanoid’ occupying powers in my setting. (Basically taller, thinner slightly higher tech humans). I’ve got figures from all the other ranges except for Bluemoon.


    These miniatures are all beautiful. Does it ever bother any of you that you are paying £12 or so for one tank in 15mm, whereas with WW2 or such, you can buy a pack of 5 for like £20? The cost of vehicles is the main think stopping me take the plunge into 15mm sci fi.


    12 pounds would be the top end for most manufacturers & vehicles often cost significantly less than that. There are often bulk packs eg Brigade Models platoon packs with vehicles, stowage and crew for less than buying the individual vehicles. Often you need fewer AFVs than for eg WW2. I’ve bought a lot of both WW2 and sci-fi kit over the years and can’t say I’ve found a lot of price difference over that time.

    Where WW2 scores these days is in the economies of scale that manufacturers can achieve when with large numbers of sales, to the point where they’ve been able to introduce plastic models in lieu of the older metal & resin equivalents. That said, the price per vehicle doesn’t seem to have dropped.

    If all else fails there are very cheap option eg converted Matchbox vehicles at a couple of quid each. Now I can’t buy WW2 kit for that.

    If you want expensive sci-fi AFVs look at GW models! That tends to colour pricing anyway.


    Are you saying the Cold War tanks are $12 each, or the sci-fi vehicles?

    A few thoughts associated with cost:

    I’ve mastered and cast most of my own WWII vehicles, and can cast about five PzIIIE for the same amount of material as one M60A2,  The M60 molds consume about 2.5 times as much rubber as one set for the PzIIIE, so the relative out of pocket cost is a bit more for the larger M60A2.  It takes me about 8-9 hours to master a tank like an M60A2, about 6.5 for the PzIIIE.  Time in producing the PZIIIE is less than the M60, as the undercuts aren’t as deep, mold life is longer, and the demolding process is faster and less tedious.  I can cast roughly two of the larger tank in the time it takes to crank out 4-5 PzIIIE.

    Most of the sci-fi vehicles that I’ve looked at are larger than even the larger modern era MBTs, so material costs for molds and casting material are higher, though I would expect time varies with the size, detail, number of parts, and type of materials and casting methods.

    As a hobbyist, I look at the time it takes to produce the model v. the quality and price of buying what it out there, and make the decision as to how to build my unit.  As I get older, have less hobby time, and get closer to death, I find that I’m more willing to pay for others to produce my miniatures.

    The most that I’ve paid for a modern era MBT is little under $8.00 USD, though there might be a rare exception for some of the larger air defense missiles and whatnot, the majority of modern and post war models that I’ve bought have ranged between around $3.50 to $8.00.  The only sci-fi vehicles that I have retail at $10.00 each, are somewhat larger than modern MBTs and use roughly twice the metal of anf the T-64s that I have.

    Having just looked at probably the most dominant 15mm WWII, I’m seeing that their WWII tanks run generally about $10.00 per model if bought in multi-vehicle boxes, and up to $14.50 individually (PZIII/PIV chassis models).   At the opposite end, the 15mm PZIVD and G that I sculpted in the early 1990s, are currently marketed at $5.00 each.

    My own modern and Cold War models that i sometimes sell run $5-10 each.  Price is a function of cost to produce, mostly being time, and if i can’t sell it at a price that I’d be comfortable paying, then i don’t sell it.  In my case, the larger models with trickier casting considerations like the M60A2 and AAV7, cost more, partially due to the frequency of reject castings, which increases the average time to cast a sell-able unit, plus the slightly higher cost to make the more tedious and larger models.

    I’ve just started my search, but the sci-fi vehicles that stick in my mind thus far, run from about $10 to $20 each, with the cheaper ones being at the large end of the modern MBT size range, and a bit more complex from the molding/casting side of things.  The smallest model would take me about 12 hours to master, plus time for molding, casting, and cleaning.  I won’t be buying 10-20 of these, like I might for 15mm Cold War, maybe needing 4 of them for my alien force, so yeah, I’m okay with paying more for beautifully cast models of what I consider a particularly nice design.  I can spend $48 for four vehicles, or 2-3 weeks of hobby time, and probably about $37 in rubber and resin to make them.  The trade off for my sci-fi vehicles will be that I’ll pay roughly $200 for my 12-16 sci-fi vehicles, or save maybe $40-50 and spend five months sculting and casting them.

    Would I pay $12 for a PZIII?  No, nor for a, M2 Bradley, T-64 or an M1.  Would I pay it for a larger, multi-part, nice quality sci-fi vehicle?  It would cost me more to produce it, and  buying it will in a sense, extend my gaming life 6 months.  I is an acceptable trade off.  I imagine that the value varies with each of us, given out skills, available time, cash, etc.  In my case, this is how I look at it.


    Fun genre and scale to get into!  Brigade Models , Micropanzer  also have some creative options and haven’t been mentioned!

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