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    The very last link suggests v. limited APCR for tanks, and tbh I’d treat all APCR as limited issue for tanks in WW2 (allied, German and Russian). AT guns are a much harder call, but it doesn’t feel right to give them unlimited APCR either.

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    You might be able to mine the following source for a better understanding of the answer to the question you posed. The table on page 582 would seem to indicate that although production was well established by late 1942-early 1943, ammunition prices were prohibitively high until early 1944. Since APCR was even more expensive to manufacture than most other ammo, I think you could make a case for limitation until mid-1944 and Operation Bagration’s opening stages. As Bagration continued APCR probably became more difficult to resupply due to logistics challenges but then levelled off at high again. Keep in mind that this is just an “educated?” guess based on a quick skimming of the document. It’s a very dry read unfortunately.


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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