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    Nathaniel Weber

    Here are some kit-bashed space ships I’ve made to use in games of Rail Gun.  They are made from stuff from my bits box, mostly 40k weapons but also pieces from other models.  I have another 8 waiting for paint and plan to build more.  They attach by magnet to my simple nail-and-base flight stands. Thanks for looking!


    Those look great. I suppose the only issue with kit bashing starships is the possible lack of consistency. If you want to create a certain class of ship, then it is difficult to build more of them.

    Nathaniel Weber

    Yeah, I’m usually limited to about 4 in a class.  The heavy cruiser is a one-off, for instance, because the main hull of the ship is an FW-190 fuselage.

    I take some solace from the fact that even in WWII there were lots of variations in ship type. In some of the Guadalcanal battles, the Americans might have had 4 destroyers in an engagement from 4 different classes. Of course the differences in those ships are much more subtle than the differences in my ships (2 stacks vs 3 stacks, instead of my Bolt Gun instead of Lasgun ship).

    Mr. Average

    I was going to say, it’s just as easy to claim that building a starship is such an undertaking that no two are precisely the same, and that classing in the naval sense doesn’t follow for spacecraft. At least that’s a way to rationalize.

    Very cool models, I’ll say!

    Angel Barracks

    OOOOH they are nice.

    Maybe an AAR or Rail Gun is needed?



    Ali Dogan Sayiner

    They look very nice!

    contact me via : [email protected]


    Good stuff!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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