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    Nic Wright

    We played a great ancients game this week using Fantastic Battles, the mass battle descendant of my first published set of rules, Irregular Wars.

    Lee commanded a force of Spartans: two companies of Spartiate hoplites and five companies of allied hoplites, supported by two companies of hippokontistai (skirmishing light horse javelineers), two companies of peltasts, and a company of slingers. My early Macedonians were spearheaded (or not as it turned out) by two companies of Macedonian hetairoi, followed by two companies of mercenary hoplites, six companies of tribal levy, and two companies each of Illyrian mercenaries, slingers and archers. As characters, we used only a strategos (warlord) and a single polemarch (captain) each.

    The full write up can be found here http://irregularwars.blogspot.com/2020/09/spartans-vs-early-macedonians-with.html

    We were both really pleased how the game played out, and how the various mechanisms interacted allowing for subtle variations in how different units performed. Even though Fantastic Battes is written with fantasy armies in mind, choosing not to take magic and flying traits did not leave us feeling like we were missing out on anything.


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