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    Hi everyone!

    I’m working on the first supplement for SpecOps: a Gruntz Module, using squads both as controllable and not controllable. This would also allow for Solo games.

    ( http://www.wargamevault.com/product/143154/SpecOps-A-Gruntz-Module )

    This is going to be a free supplement, and here is my current draft:

    Standard Squads in SpecOps

    Squads in SpecOps represent the standard troops on the battlefield that often operate against, or on the behest of, Operatives from veteran soldiers to organized rabble.

    Squads can be used in conjunction with special forces operatives (such as indigenous personnel that have been trained and are lead by the operatives) or as the opposing force in the scenarios instead of an enemy SpecOps team.

    If used as an opposing force in a scenario, each three squad members are worth the same experience points as one SpecOps trooper. For example, if you would gain one (1) experience for taking a SpecOps trooper out, you would have to take three members of a standard squad out for that experience point.

    Using standard squads instead of a SpecOps team in a scenario against an enemy SpecOps team is a good way to increase the variety of missions and to allow both players to try out new forces. You may create as many standard squads to equal the point value of the opposing SpecOps team.

    Squads have additional restrictions in SpecOps to represent their lower capability compared to SpecOps teams.

    Squads are created the same way as standard Gruntz Squads but have the following stats that have been restricted. Otherwise they are only restricted by points and the standard Gruntz builder:
    Max SHOOT: 5
    Max ASSAULT: 5
    Max MENTAL: 8
    Max SKILL: 5

    Squads may not use the blip mechanic.

    Squads may only fire once per turn, as per standard Gruntz rules.

    When using reactive fire squads act as one model for reacting but only models that have actual valid LOS may fire.

    For example, if an operative enters LOS of one member of an enemy squad, the whole squad must decide to react fire or not, but only the members with actual, valid LOS may attempt to fire.

    Reaction Table
    This table is used to determine the actions of a squad not controlled by a player which is useful for solo scenarios or adding a non-player controlled squad to an existing scenario.

    Roll 1D6 and consult the table. If a “left” or “right” movement would be impossible then the squad will go the opposite direction. (For example, if you rolled a (2) and the squad is to be moved left but there is impassible terrain to the left, the squad will instead move to the right.)

    Squads will always attempt to get as many squad members in cover as possible, and will favor cover that they can shoot from.

    1 RUN forward to cover
    2 One MOVE action to LEFT to nearest cover
    3 One MOVE action to RIGHT to nearest cover
    4 No MOVE (+1 to shoot)
    5 MOVE Forward to cover
    6 Overwatch

    And feedback would be appreciated!

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    You had me at:

    ..would also allow for Solo games.

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