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    hello to all i’m following a new project  from grimforge miniatures: Spoils of kadath

    it’s a fantasy skirmish in a lovecraftian city… did you heard about it? i love the previews o the miniatures and i’m starting to try the core rules(http://www.grim-forge.com/en/spoils-of-kadath/)  with my local gaming group (and i’m looking for other people interested).


    Figures look nice. But I fear the price point is too much for me to warrant on a single 28mm model..   😐

    Hopefully they are selling well though.


    Interesting, you don’t see miniature pigs everyday. Also like the aesthetic of the orc and dwarves.

    What’s the rules like?


    my groups think look like a mix of confrontation (alternate action and card pile but whitout random) and warmachine (similar rollmechanics) but easier.

    the rule in the demo pdf work good and the mecanics of the fate card look interesting (add traps and wandering monster to thegame without random effect or a master)


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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