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    Our second game of the weekend was a late war affair using Battlegroup Fall of the Reich. Germans forces near Golzow had to stall a major Soviet attack against the city.




    The German deployment had all the chrome and good troops arriving in the city outskirts, while facing the entire Soviet hoard was a single platoon of Volkssturm supported by two dug in Pak43 AT guns. They were destined to be little more than a speed bump.







    As it happened, they turned out to be the toughest bunch of Volkssturm any Soviets ever had the misfortune to face! While the rest of the German forces dug them selves into the ruined town, not thinking it worth trying to support the doomed Volkssturm, the German Dads Army went about tearing the guts out of the advancing Soviets. By an amazing run of luck they held the Soviet advance for over 10 turns, destroying nine tanks in the process and killing nearly half of the attacking Red Army infantry. They refused to give in, and the last five men left alive went down in a blaze of glory causing 14 casualties in their last throw of the dice.







    With the Volkssturm gone and the cathedral hill now in Soviet hands the battered Russians hit the German gun line of Panthers and Tiger IIs waiting in ambush. A massive tank duel erupted as both sides tried and failed to break through each others line and the lack of Soviet infantry further hindered their attempts. With losses mounting and a lack of troops to push forward, especially infantry to support the tanks in the urban confines of the ruined city, the Soviets conceded defeat, which when the Battle Ratings were revealed showed the Germans to actually only be slightly ahead.











    Was a great weekend of two really mega games, played in great spirits with great friends.


    As always… More pics on Facebook!





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    Great that you’ve joined this forum Piers! Love the Batrep – as I said on fb its good to see the old boys do well – a bit of a shock for the Ivan team I’ll be bound!

    'Blessed are the peacekeepers, for they shall need to be well 'ard'
    Matthew 5:9

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    Just a little… but I got ‘volunteered’ to be the Volkssturm so they knew it was gonna be hard, but nobody thought the VS would gut them as bad as they did!

    Just went to show that even poor troops when dug in can be a challenge.

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