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    Units got their stats within minutes, miniatures were painted for years and I ha some time to do a solo game of Squad Hammer by Nordic Weasel Games. Orks vs. Space Marines was my choice and I had a blast!


    Both armies started out of LOS of the enemy. The Orks got the first turn, moving their Dreadnought (the later match winners) south to flank the Imperial Fists. A Stompa and a Lungbursta were also set in march. The Space Marines advanced to middle of the battle field trying to stop the advance of the terrifying Stompa.


    During the Orks’ next turn one of the two Rhinos came under heavy fire, leaving it with heavy damage and under supression.


    The Space Marines fired back and the Stompa got damaged by the Land Raider’s Lascannons. The first kill of the game was one of the Lungburstas that fell under the fire of the disembarking Terminators! More units got damaged while the fight went back and forth.


    On the southern flank the Ork Dreadoughts made the difference with their abilty to shoot twice in the assault range of 6″. Together they wiped out a tacical squad and damaged one of the predators. Only minutes later the Land Raider was shot to pieces by the concentrated fire of both the Stompa and a Lungbursta!


    The Imperial Fists managed to destroy a Dreadnought by the lucky shot of one of the Rhinos. But in the centre of the batte field the Stompa made another kill: The venerable Space Marine Cybot exploded leaving a big crater and smoking debris.

    On their next activation things went even worse for the emperors chosen… They rolled a double one, meaning that they could only activate one single unit. A Predator tried to get rid of the remaining Ork Dreadnought but missed completely!


    The Orks were more succesful, killing another Tactical Squad with the Stompa who never seemed to miss a target ignoring it’s poor visual systems. The Predators were the Orks’ next victims, leaving the Fists with nothing more than two last units.


    The heroic crew of the last Rhino destroyed the Ork Dreadnought who had killed so many of their brethren, while the Terminators shot another Lungbursta.


    The Ork Boyz who remained hidden in their batte waggons took their chance now and ambushed the Terminators who were moved down in a storm of bullets. The Rhino that fought so brave was wiped out by the advancing Stompa and the last Lungbursta. The Waaaaaagh was victorious!!!


    Squad Hammer plays fast and is in general a very easy game. However, there is enough depth in it to keep things interesting. If you want a quick solution for three to four squads and some vehicles, this one is a winner. The game took me abou 45 minutes to play. It was my second match and things got allready natural. Thanks for another great game, Ivan!

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