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    Avatar photoDaniele V

    I am thinking to use Squad Hammer Core for WW2 games, with a friend that does not like very much wargaming after the XIX century… so maybe with very simple rules he can enjoy better the game. I tried Hammer of Democracy but he finds it too much complicated for his tastes (he does not know much the difference between a Tiger and a Sherman, for him they are “tanks…”)

    I am using 10mm miniatures and tanks with each stand = 1 squad or gun or vehicle. What could I add to give a basic WW2 flavour to Squad Hammer Core? I have Hammer of Democracy, can some rules be introduced in the Core version? Or did anybody already make a “Squad Hammer WW2 Core”?




    I believe you want Hammer of Democracy.


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    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    HoD does have more moving parts (tracking Support points, different combat rules for tanks).

    if the goal is to go simpler, I don’t think there’s anything to stop you in just using Core. Just divide things up into “light tank”, “medium tank” and “heavy tank” and its fine. Even a non-tank nerd can tell a Tiger is bigger than a Panzer II.

    Use the normal damage system. Obviously big tanks take 2 less damage. Long barrel guns on the model do +1 damage.

    I dont think you’d have problems “porting” elements of Democracy over. In fact the Support and damage systems were tested with basic Squad Hammer first. It just depends on how much (or little) detail you ultimately want.

    Grab Winter Hammer as well, for an example of (limited theater) ww2 hammer.


    Avatar photoDaniele V

    I will do this way… and maybe gradually add something from HoD, until we will end to use the WW2 full rules (that are very good!)

    I will take Winter Hammer too… thank you!



    Avatar photoDaniele V

    Got Winter Hammer and indeed it’s a good example… thank you again 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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