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    Avatar photoNathaniel Weber

    I have been building up 6mm sci-fi terrain and troops for a while, with an eye toward big combined-arms games with lots of tanks, infantry, indirect fire, electronic warfare, aircraft, etc.  I finally got my first game of it in today (well, first non-solo playtest game) and it went great. I used Squad Hammer, with a handful of amendments. I’ve been discussing them with Ivan via email and this version of the game should be available via Wargame Vault soon-ish (you know, before the heat death of the universe).  Pictures below, with some more text about the game after.  Game models and miniatures are mostly Iliada Game Studios, with GHQ and C-in-C infantry, and some scratch built terrain.


    The game was a simple meeting engagement, between the low-tech but scrappy (and multitudinous!) colonists of San Luis.  A separatist faction on San Luis have declared independence from Earth and used the bounty of their agricultural economy to buy plenty of heavy weaponry.  The Earth Expeditionary Force has finally arrived from the Solar System, dropping into San Luis with grav-tanks and armored infantry.

    In the game, the colonists were aggressive and made good use of their infantry and missile support, but hard hitting EEF grav-tanks (and generally better infantry and IFVs) did serious damage to the San Luisan troops.  We called the game a draw after about eight or ten turns (under 2 hours) of combat.

    The core engine of Squad Hammer worked splendidly, allowing for fast, back-and-forth combat.  My amendments for a larger, combined-arms game were pretty minimal and did nothing to the core mechanics of Squad Hammer.  Rules for indirect fire, missile contrails (revealing the shooter’s position), and electronic warfare provided extra sci-fi flavor.

    Avatar photoRetroboom

    fantastic! looking forward to seeing your tweaks. Lovely what you’ve done with pipe cleaners!

    Richmond, VA. Let's play!

    Avatar photoneuzd

    I second the sentiment about those pipe cleaners.

    Avatar photoAli Dogan Sayiner

    Looking great !

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    Avatar photoMike

    It looks like the battle took place in the city of Iliada.


    Avatar photoJozisTinMan

    I cannot wait to see your amendments!  Looks like they handled larger forces well, great looking game.


    Avatar photoNathaniel Weber

    Thanks all 🙂

    The pipe cleaners are meant as a tip of the hat to Just Jack, whose creative use of them in games I enjoy. (They do serve a game purpose. Indirect fire can be targeted against missile launching artillery, and AT missile teams are more easily hit by direct fire if revealed by missile trails.)


    Avatar photokyoteblue

    The pipe cleaners are a great hack, I wonder what’s up with Just Jack, have not seen him post in a while.

    Avatar photojeff fearnow

    Late to this party, but the pipe cleaners are excellent: I have some from Hostile Aircraft that would work great in similar situations.


    Have you given over the rules to Nordic Weasel Actual as yet? I’d love to see them.

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    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    Missed this the first time around, great looking game!

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