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    Any tips from the Brethren on how best to tickle the rules up for playing solo?

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    I’m interested in this as well.

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    Tim Snoddy

    It is such a great system and so flexible I haven’t done anything with it yet that hasn’t worked.  For solo play using core as a base I would keep activations the same.  Maybe if insufficient actions for the number of units the AI player has they default to the best or highest point units first.  For each AI unit type I would weight the likelihood of it carrying out each of the five actions.  If you are not playing some sort of scenario forget about the carry out order.  What I mean is a standard unit will most likely carry out an engage order, might redeploy if necessary and will only defend or regroup if damage has reached a certain level.  A more cowardly unit, would have more likelihood of taking a defend order.  A unit of bugs always redeploys unless within assault range and so on.  Does that help?


    That’s great advice above- basically same as I use it solo too.

    I also – only roll 1D6 for orders (you can get a bigger swing between sides sometimes, which I like for solo gaming) then take it turns per side (so side A moves one unit, side B moves one etc.) until units are all ordered.

    I find that rules that could be frustrating against an opponent (say you roll 1 order and they roll 6) instead add a lot more uncertainty to solo play, which is what you want really (and avoids playing card methods, which I hate!)


    Great advice, thanks for your suggestions.

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    Expanding on the idea of Tim Snoddy.
    For each unit that activates I would rank the orders from most likely to least likey.
    Than it’s only to find a way to decide which order is followed. Ideally a system with a bell distribution of probabiity would be perfect, on top of my head Fudge dice come to mind but some fiddling would be necessary: I’d reroll a result of 0 and use 1/-1 to choose the first (most likely) order, 2/-2 the second likely and so on.

    Ranking the orders should be pretty fast, only 3 are to be decided (the last one is obviously last 😛 ), and if it’s Squad Hammer Core that you’re playing that has an additional order…well, it’s the “Carry Out” order and it already is for special occasions that would make it the only choice.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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