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    Tim Snoddy

    In my games of Squadhammer I play that in order to carry out an engage or redeploy order, or return fire (if enemy within 18″) you have to beat the current level of damage a unit has.  If a unit fails it must take a compulsory defend order and moves towards covering terrain if not already in terrain.  I would say it almost works. some nice morale breaks at awkward moments feel very cinematic.  It falls down a little though as it generally seems wiser to keep giving damage to the same unit to eliminate it.  I would like a situation where a number of units who have some damage could all face a morale break.  So I was thinking in the same circumstances how about the number to beat is the amount of damage +2 for veteran, +3 for regulars, +4 for green and +5 for raw.  So a unit of regulars could take 3 damage and would need to roll a 7 to pass a morale check.  So if attacking a position with three defending infantry units rather than firing everything at one unit until eliminated it might be wiser to spread fire around and hope morale breaks for one or more of the defending units.  This is all a riff on the cohesion check rules P52 of Hammer of Democracy.  Thoughts anyone?  No doubt it has some implications for points values.


    I like it!  I have been pondering the same problem.  It would encourage you to suppress enemies.  My basic assumption is that in the 20th century, without motivation or leadership, the tendency is for troops to hunker down behind cover or in the nearest ditch and fire ineffectively.  This might help model that

    Give it a whirl and let us know how it goes (I would try it but my table is covered in Pulp Alley right now)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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