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    I have had a yearning to play on hexes and squares for many years.  As you may note from my other posts in the AWI area that I play with them now.  I have started to buy plastic WWI figures in HO scale and am going to setup a game based loosely on the Square Bashing rules from Peter Pig.  I think I will use mostly the second edition which uses 6″ squares instead of 1′ squares.  I also plan on borrowing from Dr. Sabin’s “Lost Battles” with the unit size based on the unit morale.  I also plan on focusing on the Western front during the first 4-5 months before the real trench fighting began.

    Author of Day of Battle, I game in 25mm and 40mm scales. Also enjoy Horse and Musket and WWII Western Front Games.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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