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    I’m trying to expand my 20mm forces so that I can play the Chain of Command Pint Sized Campaigns Martlet and Scottish Corridor. They both need PzGren platoons which require 2 LMGs per section/squad. I don’t have that many MG42’s in my existing collection so I decided to buy some extra firepower to mix into the forces when required. I went with Xan miniatures from Empress as looking like they’d be a good fit with my FAA troops and was pleased when they came. The sculpting is good overall, a bit hit and miss in places but seemed a good value for money option. I’ve tried to paint them up in Summer Oakleaf camouflage smocks, after a bit of trial and error I think I’ve found a method which I’m reasonably happy with. I’m sure others can do better and in fact I probably could but for around 4hrs painting time I’m pretty pleased. Just need varnishing and basing. (and the couple of chaps with moulded foliage on their helmets painting – funny how you only spot things in the pictures…)

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    That’s some delicate painting, is that pin in the background what you used?

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    Haha, no, only to unblock the damn vallejo bottle spouts. I used to store my paints upside down and did so little painting over the past 3 years give or take that a lot of them have blocked up really badly. Almost need a clean out and start again but then I saw the price of paint nowadays and thought “I can cope”.

    Avatar photoOh no….

    You’ve done a fine job there. Very impressive.

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    Nice work, I reckon they look really good. As I understand it, Xan are pretty much designed to be compatible and stylistically similar to AB. I sometimes wish I had stuck with 20mm for WW2, but as I play mainly Chain of Command, I thought that going 28mm would work as you only needed a platoons worth of figures..   now multiply that by 12 platoons and supports, and yes, I should have stuck with 20mm 🙂

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    Yes, there is the look of AB about some of those figures.  Congratulations on the results.  I’ve painted hundreds of WWII German figures, but not once have I been brave enough to tackle Waffen SS camouflage.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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