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    Mr. Average

    I’m a huge fan of all things Microworld puts out. They made a fantasy fan out of me when they did an alternate-universe Renaissance line, and their dieselpunk “Stahlritter” line is vastly underappreciated in the community, I think.

    I was at first dubious about the recent introduction of 3D printed resin products straight to consumer. I’ve used a lot of 3D resin and it is very finicky stuff, not to mention that designers seem to be very inclined to make parts either way too heavy, looking like carved soap, or way too delicate, leading to breakage and “battle damage” straight out of the box.

    But I took a chance and I think with the Stahlritter tanks, at least, they’ve hit an ideal balance. The designs are beautifully realized and the resin seems highly durable and well formed, hefty sharp edged material and with no particularly vulnerable parts. So call me a convert!

    The big issue for someone doing such innovative and niche models as Microworld seems to be the overhead in spinning casts for low-purchase products. But so far at least, this seems like it could be a happy medium. The product is quite good, with smooth lines, no visible support buildup and a smooth, toothy surface that lacks the lower-res “waxy” look that lower quality prints often have. I’m glad I took the chance on these!


    Are they resin cast of 3D prints or actual prints? 6mm?

    Tired is enough.
    I like tiny miniatures

    Mr. Average

    Actual 3D prints. 6mm scale.


    Those do look nice, how much were they?

    Mr. Average

    A pack of three was $10. So they price roughly equivalent to other resin and metal offerings at scale. The current sitch with taxation and shipping costs between the US and the UK might have some impact on that, however. Here’s hoping for a US/UK free trade deal sometime in the coming years!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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