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    Avatar photoMonty Bob

    So I found an mdf version of this that looked pretty good (28mm), and the review said £35 👍

    But when I contacted the maker, and said I didn’t need any of the interior or the base, he wanted £65 (I think the review was a couple of years old)

    So I politely said no thanks, I’ll make it myself! And I’m glad I did now.

    After studying photos of the building online I’ve drawn it up using the old fashioned method of pencil and ruler.

    With the pencil swapped for a craft knife and a steel ruler we can cut out the windows.

    The main parts are quickly assembled but later I will add neo magnets so the floors can come off but not flap about.

    To add texture we attack it with a knife to chop into the foam board, we can dampen it to toughen up the paper and also spread some wall filler to add texture – a little effort now will reap rewards when it come to painting.

    Here I’ve added some support beams – plastic H beams. The crumbling concrete floor is just done by scoring cracks into the foam board and then bending it just with fingers.

    Finally we can spray paint it, black, grey on the concrete and a couple of tones of red brown on the bricks. To finish I use a big brush and scrub a brighter orange colour on the brickwork.

    Here’s the real thing..

    The observant will note that I made mine a little shorter otherwise it would have been a tad too big for my game table.

    Avatar photoLardy Rich

    That is an exceptional job.  I’ve made some Stalingrad terrain and I appreciate just how much work but also care and attention you’ve invested in that.  Really first rate work.

    Playing the period, not the rules, since 2002

    Avatar photowillz

    Fantastic model, thanks for sharing.

    Avatar photoSteve Johnson

    Brilliant work.

    Avatar photoShaun Travers

    Fantastic representation.  Looks like the real thing.

    Avatar photoMonty Bob

    Thanks I’ll pass these comments to my wife who doesn’t seem to share these opinions.


    Avatar photoMike

    Fair play!!

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