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    Stalingrad part 1 – a mod for the Close Combat LSA is well underway. The mod team is working every day to bring it to you as soon as possible. To ease the wait we will bring more screenshots and info in the coming weeks. Today we show a small selection of the Soviet teams of a Battlegroup of the 35th Guards Rifle Division. In the image you can see from top to bottom:

    1. 4-man Komandnaya Gruppa (Command team) from 133. Tank Brigade
    2. 5-man Komandnaya Gruppa from NKVD – The weapons and equipment carried are different – this is a design choice in the mod that you will see across other team types as well. – Variation in composition and weapons in similar team types. – We think that this keeps the teams both within the historical frame and creates interesting variation for the player.
    3. 35.Guards Rifle Division 3-man Stankovyy Pulemet (HMG) with a Maxim M1910.
    4. 4-man 35.Guards Rifle Division Strelkovoe Otdelenie (Rifle Squad)
    5. 4-man 35.Guards Rifle Division Razvedovatelnoe Otdelenie (Recon Squad)

    Soviet teams showcase

    Please post you comments, viewpoints, wishes and questions.

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