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    Monty Bob

    I found this sweet little kit from Warbases..

    It’s a very well observed laser cut kit based on a WW2 era Soviet tram (1.56 scale)

    So assembled out of the box you get this..

    Although it does include an electric pick-up for the roof – it’s way to heavy in 2mm mdf, so I immediately discarded that.

    So then I just went to town with a bunch of plastic rod and card and detailed it up, making my own pick-up and adding handrails and driver mirrors etc.

    Finally, paint of course and add some clear plastic to the windows (I left the roof removable so I could do this last).  For decals I just browsed my unused tank decal sheets for numbers and a I found a couple of eagle motifs that look groovy for the sides.

    I think the Stalingrad tram may have been red and yellow but I didn’t want such a garish terrain piece on an otherwise quite subdued board, so I chose instead the nice green and cream scheme which may be more appropriate for Moscow though I’m not sure, but I like it.

    For reference, here are some real images.




    That is not a bad kit at all.
    But you have made it so much better with the mods and that excellent paintjob!!

    404: service not found?


    That is excellent modelling.

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    Monty Bob

    I just got the 404 reference..  took me a while 😆

    Norm S

    Superb, thanks for all of the pictures.


    That is a stunning looking kit. You have done a great job.


    The kit is very nice. The modeling and painting to bring it to life is fantastic.

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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