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    Jeff Wasileski

    I finally got around to starting a solo campaign of the Rangers of Shadow, the solo/coop game based on the Frostgrave rules.

    I posted an AAR with some pictures on my blog:



    Cool, is it bad I am rooting for the barbarians?
    Nice evocative paint jobs.


    Good looking figures and well-written AAR.

    telzy ambertelzy amber

    Very attractive figures. Love the designs


    Very nice minis, what material were these? Very nicely painted too.

    I like the summary style of your AAR, makes for a very quick read. Did you describe each turn or just sinificant results?
    I want to adopt the style for some of my own.

    Tired is enough.

    Gone Fishing

    A very enjoyable write-up. You’ve done a nice job reporting on the scenarios without too much detail – the only thing I might add is how you are finding the rules and the games. I always love reading “final thoughts” stuff.

    It’s all the more fun reading this as just this past weekend I played through those same three scenarios, also solo. I had an absolute blast. Personally, I shifted the whole thing to Hyboria, so instead of a ranger my hero is a Cimmerian (who is the Conan chap I keep hearing about?!?), and his companions various Hyborian types; I had all the foes except the Gnolls, which I replaced with skeletons. I hope REH would approve.

    Thank you again for the excellent, inspiring report. Your minis and tables look gorgeous. Hoping to hear about more of your adventures in the future!

    Jeff Wasileski

    Thanks for all the kinds words.

    Thomaston, the three main character figures are from Hero Forge, they are some type of plastic.  Regarding the report itself, I just strung the significant events into a narrative rather than trying to do a turn by turn description.  For example, the fight against the Gnoll Sergeant lasted several turns of back and forth hits.

    Gone Fishing, I love the Frostgrave/Ghost Archipelago/Rangers of Shadow Deep rules family.  It’s my go-to rule set for small skirmish and even full blown RPG session, see for example these campaign write-ups:


    I find it quick-playing with the rules easy to remember but with a lot of tactical feel.  They are very versatile as well.  I’ve used ROSD for a Star Wars game recently:



    And Frostgrave/Ghost Archipelago for several Elizabethan fantasy games that I’ve run at conventions:






    Gone Fishing

    Oh, I hadn’t realised that was your Star Wars game! Absolutely brilliant stuff. I left comments somewhere: perhaps here or on the Facebook page…

    Though I hadn’t known this family of rules before dipping into Rangers, never having played Frostgrave or the other, I must say that I agree with your assessment. They seem an excellent set of rules. Please consider posting any further chapters of your adventure!


    Cool stuff!!!

    Nice to see some more ROSD on here.

    I like how the table has all three missions in one big setup, I may just have to steal that for when I start my family game.

    That Frostgrave Rpg was an entertaining read, I’ve been thinking of doing something similar using ROSD to play the Ghost Archipelago Lost Colossus campaign.

    Do the Frostgrave books have any rules for solo campaigns in them, I only have ROSD and Ghost Archipelago, I’m waiting for the second edition to come out next year to start Frostgrave.



    If you like small scale skirmish, check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0

    Jeff Wasileski

    Stroezle, there is a Frostgrave supplement coming out at the end of this month called Perilous Dark which will contain rules for solo and cooperative games.


    I’m really looking forward to it.

    Wouter WolputWouter Wolput

    Wow, this topic is full of eye-candy and great ideas (like RosD Star Wars). Love to hear more and see some battle reports.

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