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    Avatar photoMike

    I think I will make 2000 point Stillmania forces for each of my armies.
    Seems like a sensible thing to do.

    Anyone else a Stillmaniac?

    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    I certainly was at one point, but that had more to do with cash flow.  (2nd ed. 40k Crimson Fists… oh how I miss them!) Nowadays the people I occasionally play with change games so fast that I can’t collect and paint 1/4 of an army before they have moved on to the new thing!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Avatar photoAndrew Beasley

    It’s an odd mix of ‘how to behave’ and a way to master what you have…

    Take it is out of a White Dwarf as 2K is obviously GW biased for their big battle games and now can cost a bomb to reach.

    Never changing / limiting to a set purchase would not sit well for me – adding or changing units is part of the fun for me and if you keep up with new rule sets you would miss out a great deal and possibly find your armies getting smaller or stuck in one version of the game. Even the one hour rules give a slight variance n troop types and a big part of the fun is making the best of what I am dealt – replaying with a different troop mx is a big part of the game.

    Trying to cope with the opponents army changes with what you have is interesting – it forces you to be imaginative for a game or two BUT gives you a weapons race if not careful. Seen this way too many times where folk went out and bought troops to specifically counter one or two units and my gut tells me manufacturers deliberately play on this with releases.

    What would you do if you ended up with a lame army that is so unbalanced it’s unusable? Turning up game after game to maybe get a draw does not sound good and I’m not ‘gaming for games sake’ – I want fun and the odd win helps.

    Conversely, what happens if you have an unstoppable unit and your opponent cannot change their troop choice – would you want to win every time without a real fight?

    Most of the above happens due to the odd abilities found in fantasy but reminds me of the WW2 games and folk using massed Tiger forces – never happened in real life but the rules did not limit them…

    Gloss is a no go in my eyes – I know matte can rub off but a re-spray is not hard. I also liked to repaint older models as my skill got better or could afford a pro-painter for a special character.

    Putting figures in a case is an individual choice – seen piles of figures turn up in carrier bags, loose in boxes etc and the owner was happy (heck I found one pile recently despite what I thought was good packing). Do I care if the opposition figures have broken spears, chipped paint etc? Not if the owner is relaxed about it – they can still die under my swords with perfectly good paint or just undercoated 🙂 My habit is look after figures but is this anything to do with playing the game or just the authors wish for a “posh” looking table?

    WYSIWYG – no way is my eyesight good enough to see rings / scrolls across the table even on 54mm let alone 28s or smaller 🙂

    I’ve no fear of playing 2K armies in bigger games or not but I do not see an issue here if the aim of the game is based around the size you have – just a straight slugfest where I’m out numbered 3:1 etc would not interest me but playing a fighting retreat at the same odds would be interesting.


    Sorry but too extreme as written and not something I’d be liable to do for big games – my nature is too much aligned to fiddle and not be static (ie I suffer WBS – Wargames Butterfly Syndrome with a dash of collecting new shiny things).


    My general approach is this. Glad to see that in Combat Patrol GW also embraced it. My one incursion army is set with only one minor option.

    Avatar photoMike

    Scrub that, 2500 points upon reflection, but then it is easier for me in 10/12mm.

    It may encourage me to try new armies too, though I will never stop making more for my brave Empire lads.

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