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    Mr. Average

    Just picked up a copy of this game in its current Tactical Compendium form, as well as the expansion detailing campaigns and superheavy vehicles. I honestly had not intended to, since I found the original difficult to follow and more than a bit scattered. But I have to say that so far I’m impressed.

    The visual presentation is radically improved, and in my opinion they did well to ditch the “programmed learning” format, which made the rules feel like they were starting and stopping a half dozen times, and scattered important gameplay notes across a handful of disconnected scenarios. It does mean that the new rule book is a bit more to handle, but as a Battletech player I have no problem with it. The diversity of possible units and types is a strong selling point to the system, and is enhanced, I think, by having everything close at hand so you can pick and choose what you want instead of having to collate five different books with preplanned learning scenarios in between.

    Anyway, just thought I’d put it out there. More, I guess, once I’ve had a chance to try the system out on the borderlands of Costaguana.

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