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    Sane Max

    I have found several lists of what WAS in North Africa, in the Desert War phase and in Tunisia, and they don’t mention stugs.

    Now, I am SURE I saw a ‘photo of a Stug, and that it was captioned North Africa……

    Is the correct answer;
    – None, your memory is playing tricks again you senile old git?
    – None, the photo may well have existed but the caption was wrong. wrong I tell you, wrong!*
    – maybe 1 or 2 made it over but no-one considers that worthy of mention in an army list?
    – loads and you have made a complete hash looking at lists?
    – my god, you have made the discovery of the century Pat – find that ‘photo, it blows everything we know of history wide open!

    (either at Housesteads or Vindolanda there was a rusty metal loop in the museum, labeled ‘Roman Cavalry Stirrup – 3rd Century’. I was very much ‘uhhhhhh do I make a fool of myself or do I walk away? I walked away.)

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    I think so, but I am old now.

    Not Connard Sage

    Yes they did. Three of them…

    StuG Afrika


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    Les Hammond

    There’s a bloke on Facebook down in Kent doing one up:

    It should be ready for this show in July (its featured in the vehicles section):

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    6mm France 1940



    Also present in Tunisia about 10 with 10. Panzer iirc


    Yes, three StugIIId with Zvb 288 Afrika,  and a small number of IIIf with 10th panzer in Tunisia.

    Compared to fleets of PzIII, insignificant numbers.

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    Richard Baber

    10th Panzer had one battery of 6 Stug (75mm long) in Tunisia

    These were originally Sturmgeschutz Batterie 242, but became 13 batterie, Panzer Artillery Regiment 90

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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