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    Avatar photoBuck Surdu

    I found a bunch of primed but unpainted Legere in a box recently.  I don’t need any more French.  I was hoping to find a German or Italian army whose uniforms were close enough that I could “paint convert” them.  So far, going through uniform books, I’ve had no luck.  Any suggestions?

    Avatar photoOotKust

    A better description of their period would be helpful… but if shakos then Poles, Bavarian light perhaps, other Germans, certainly Italy, Swiss etc. and any of the ‘hors du ligne’ regiments.

    Italy you can do both green and white as they co-existed ~1809? (not that I have or intend buying the revised book on same..)

    YMMV, as they say,


    Avatar photoBuck Surdu

    They are wearing shakos with tall plumes.  When I looked at other uniforms, it didn’t appear that any other countries had the tall plumes on the center companies.

    I might paint one battalion as Tirailleurs Do Po, with the brown uniforms.  I may be stuck painting the other as Legere, but I have plenty of French Legere already.  I was hoping to break up the monotony a bit.


    mix in a few figs from another force, snip down some plumes, and they could be Spaniards.  Brown, white, blue, the jacket could be any sort of cloth.  Rough them up.

    Mick Hayman
    Margate and New Orleans

    Avatar photoOotKust

    I might paint one battalion as Tirailleurs Do Po, with the brown uniforms.

    Ok Buck, but sorry to disappoint, the ‘Tirailleur du Po’ were from Piedmont and wore legere blue with scarlet facings, and a chapeau till late.

    They did not, ever wear brown- neither did the unit you have mixed up with it appears- the Tirailleur Corse.

    Dont believe Elting/ Knotel DJ (the son)- the units so specified were only Garde Nationale ‘legions’-  (ie mixed battalions drawn from the GN, and only deployed within Italy under the Army there).

    Bucquoy recited the same error and published it multiple times.

    The ‘actual’ Tirailleur Corse served in Germany from Austerlitz to Essling/ Wagram and never left. They wore the same blue legere uniform, except for a genuine ‘apple green facings on collar, pointed cuffs etc. Rigo draws them correctly and shows their colour.

    ‘If’ they saw any brown habits in the infamous multi-coloured facings (each GN battalion had different facings), they were draftees from the GN, but I seriously doubt that happened.

    Cant explain why these erros occurred and  are perpetuated… Osprey also showed a wrong colour somewhere. Refer to this thread I wrote bringing information up to date:- https://www.thewargameswebsite.com/forums/topic/tirailleurs-du-po/ with again my aplogies to Willz…

    You’re right about other troops not being depicted with plumes, however no problem trimming or shearing off to make use of the figures as chasseurs. I don’t hesitate to make ‘different’ combinations when I want them with my Miniature Figures™.

    Best of luck, davew

    Avatar photoBuck Surdu

    Interesting.  The apparently wrong brown uniforms seem pretty commonly depicted.  Thanks.

    Avatar photoOotKust

    Interesting. The apparently wrong brown uniforms seem pretty commonly depicted. Thanks.

    Indeed. The historical ‘malaise of the copyist’ regimes- Knötel (R) was accurate it seems as he was an eyewitness; then the son (dJ- der Junge/ the boy!) jumped the scene and with better methods of communication, corresponded with many others and they ‘swapped’ themes and ideas…That _dJ_ is the first thing I look for on any Knötel plates.

    Then was taken by general historians (read artists/ military/ gamers etc.) as also accurate, then Bucquoy, who did some nice work of his own, however he reproduced those ‘authorative’ works that had few confirmed sources of origin.

    A bit like ‘lime green’ (ie Grannysmith Apple) artillery paint for Russia- what green was an ‘apple’ in 1780s and later? Is there an extant piece of wood sample that was protected from light and deterioration and shows it? Even some of their ‘reenactors’ doesn’t use ‘museum’ greens.

    I can see why it infuriates PLD, but better not go there…


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