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    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    So I am working on my 15mm fantasy range, but it is quite historical in many ways, I am thinking it would be fine for WWII desert games?

    Avatar photoThuseld

    It depends. When I game 20mm WW2 I am not trying to recreate exact battles. These dwellings look deserty enough and generic enough that I would use them.

    But some others may be looking for exact buildings specific to a certain area and yours may not be just right.

    Avatar photoPatG

    There is an old colonials site now only available through the Internet Archive: Major General Tremorden Rederring’s Colonial-era Wargames Page, that has templates for making buildings just like yours. https://web.archive.org/web/20080116032204/http://www.zeitcom.com/majgen/31hsest.html

    Your buildings are great for colonials, Africa and WWII and I would hazard the North West Frontier and Afghanistan.

    Avatar photoJust Jack

    Looks good to me, and those trees are magnificent!


    Avatar photoMr. Average

    I’d also say yes. Tunisia, Libya, Egypt. Possibly even “what-if” games with the “Orientkorps” in Iraq and Palestine.

    Avatar photoMcKinstry

    I’d use them for WW2 Western Desert or any appropriate colonial dust up.

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    Avatar photokyoteblue

    They look great .

    Avatar photoMartinR

    They look fine to me, in fact just like my Hovels middle eastern buildings which have been fought over by everyone from Pathans on the Northwest frontier, via Palestine, Mesopotamia and East Africa in WW1, the Western Desert in WW2 and more modern colonial adventures in Aden and Afghanistan.

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    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    in fact just like my Hovels middle eastern buildings

    Do you have any of them, I am curious to their size given the price.

    Avatar photoNorm S

    They are very nice and given that Flames of War Version 4 has just been released, with a starter kit focussing on the desert, I can see these being a popular line.

    Avatar photoirishserb

    I’d be happy to use them, they look great.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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