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    Gone Fishing

    So I’m having fun watching the original series again and naturally am growing tempted to game it.

    What would people recommend to play Battlestar Galactica dogfights? The original, 70s vintage, if it makes a difference. I’m thinking relatively small scale here – say half a dozen or so Cylon raiders againt 2-3 vipers – and more on the simple side of things than on the other. Near beer and pretzels could work. Perhaps with playing time of an hour or so? I was thinking on a hex grid though I’m not wedded to that.

    Really just an excuse to move some cool models around, make pew-pew noises and sing the theme music when the whole thing’s done.

    Any ideas?

    Darkest Star Games

    I’ve used 5150 Fighter Command from Two Hour Wargames, also modified Silent Death and AirCombat C21 for BSG dogfights.  For fleet combat there is the excellent Colonial Battlefleet that really does it well.

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    My first thought was to modify the Tiny Air Combat rules that Just Jack has been using for WW2 air battles.

    Definitely beer & pretzel but I have had a lot of fun with them. The forces tend to be a bit larger than you’re thinking, but I have run half scale raids with them.


    I’ve only played a few games of Silent Death way back but I remember really liking it. It’ll definitely fit the size of game you’re looking for.

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    Gone Fishing

    Some excellent tips, gents, thank you. I like THW’s offerings so I may have to take a look at Fighter Command. I’ve also heard good things about Silent Death. I’ll take a look at Tiny Air Combat!

    Don Glewwe

    Send me a PM if you’d like to hear my odd (mostly unpopular) view on the subject.


    Gone Fishing

    Don, I’m embarrassed to say I don’t see how to send you a PM on this site. I’d love to hear your ideas though – maybe others would too!


    The Ares game Battlestar Galactica Starship Battles is very good at small numbers dogfighting.  That’s it’s focus (each player controls 1-2 fighters).


    The models out so far are from the new series, but they are going producing old series fighters, too.


    The quality of the models is very high and prepainted well, with details such as pilot names printed to scale (so you need a magnifier to read them they are so tiny).


    The rules are slightly more complex than Wings of War (same system), but they have a nice compromise of giving vector-style feel without needing a calculator.



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