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    Avatar photoBrendan Morrissey

    Has anyone been collecting these “grab bags” of hard plastic (previous sets of the same aircraft were in soft plastic) 1:300 aircraft, manufactured by Plastic Soldier Company for their Battle of Britain board game?  If so, would anyone be interested in swaps?  I purchased two bags for a club project (Bag The Hun), as have some other club members, and each bag seems to contain a more or less identical content:-

    German – 8 x He111, 12 x Do17, 5 x Ju88, 5 x Me110, 15 x Ju87 (sadly not a single Me109 in either of my bags, or any of the others!)
    British – 24 x Spitfires, 24 x Hurricanes*, 4 x Blenheims, 3 x Defiants, 1 x Gladiator.

    (* Annoyingly, one bag had 25 Spitfires and 23 Hurricanes; and 1 Stuka with its wheels missing. )

    I would like to obtain one more Gladiator for a Malta scenario (Faith, Hope & Charity) and would also like to swap my spare Spitfire for a Hurricane to bring me up to two lots of 24 of each.  In return, I have a few German aircraft over and above the 12 max. I’ll need per Staffel.

    Any interest?

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