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    Hello all

    If someone possede and wants to sell Garrison Miniature figure references from the Sword & Sorcery range that he contact me urgently at this address: [email protected]

    All references interest me but I specially search the quantity and references indicated below:

    Sword & Sorcery range:
    4 x SS3: Shim Guard.
    6 x SS20: Aquiland Pikeman.
    4 x SS27: Nimidian Archer.
    1 x SS34: Corinthian Infantyman.
    1 x SS37: Amazon archer.
    1 x SS54: Wizard of the Dark Ring.
    1 x SS56: Priest of Matri.
    1 x SS67: Hykan Cavalry with Glaive (mounted)
    1 x SS74: Armored Frost Giant.
    1 x SS104: Giant Wolf.
    1 x SS110: Adventurer with longbow and mail shirt.

    Thank you


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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