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    Avatar photoNick the Lemming

    I umpired another game of S&S at the club this week for two noobs who hadn’t played before, using the same lists as last time, and with a similar result (though this time I think the French suffered more due to some epically bad dice rolling at times when it really mattered). It was a fun game again though, with several club members spectating, asking questions, and expressing interest.


    See my blog for a full report.


    Avatar photoJames Rivera

    Just got these rules and after reading through them am very excited to give them a go.  I’ve been enjoying Hail Caesar the last year or two, but these really seem like they could challenge HC for my favorite ancients rules.

    Has anyone tried or are there any plans to adapt them for later periods like Horse & Musket maybe?

    Avatar photoNick the Lemming

    I think someone mentioned that on the S&S forum, but the author isn’t so sure. I can see it would be work to convert various things, but the underlying mechanisms should still be able to slot right in I would think.

    Avatar photoMark Lewis

    Nice report Nick, thanks for sharing.

    Here is the thread on extending Sword & Spear to later periods.


    I think there is potential to do it, but whilst I have a couple of armies and play FOGR,I don’t have anywhere near the same knowledge of Renaissance warfare as I do Ancient & Medieval.

    Avatar photoShandy

    Very nice! I’m increasingly tempted to use these rules for my upcoming El Cid project…

    Avatar photoMidpoint

    My second game tonight – Successors. Hope to do somewhat better than my first game last week. Can’t do much worse mind!

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