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    I’d be grateful for some advice from our naval experts. I fancy playing some naval battles of the SYW and I wonder if I could use napoleonic rules for that. I’ve been using Kiss me Hardy! for napoleonics and like them very much, but I don’t know anything about SYW naval tactics – were they very different from the napoleonic period? Would this work, would some modifications make the rules useable, or would I need completely different ones?

    I’d be grateful for any hints!



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    You should be able to use them with few, if any problems. Just watch out for variations in armament; carronades for example shouldn’t be used in the SYW

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    Thanks! Do you have any recommendations for books where I find more information on SYW warships?

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    DM is correct, tactics were largely similar as were weapons except the lack of the carronade.  Ships would be quite similar.

    https://threedecks.org/ is a great source for details on ships for the entire age of sail, but I will try find a better overview.



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    One thing might be different, the crew ratings. The French and Spanish were much more experienced sailors during the SYW so some adjustment should be made to the KMH norm. I would recommend that San Culottes be used for the Russians, Swedes, Danes and Jolly Jack Tars used for Brits, French and Spaniards. Prussians, Germans, etc. will be Landlubbers, or Sans Culottes. And then of course the d20 roll for elite, average, poor within each of the categories.

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    Yeah, technology wise… not that different, except for the carronades. The ships might be slightly more decorative than later but not by much. And there may, occasionally, be slightly different sail arrangements on the bow sprit and on the mizzen. Not enough to make much of a difference to game play, though. Depends on the level of detail in the rules. I’m not familiar with KMH so I can’t really speak to that.

    It is a good suggestion to be careful regarding crew ratings, though. Most Napoleonic naval rules give Brits a significant advantage in morale and training during the later period. I think this developed because of the experience gained in the earlier conflict. So during the 7YW, I’d probably downplay the British somewhat or make the French, Dutch and Spanish a bit better than in the later wars.

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