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    Tabletop Village collection an HDF/MDF buildings with the Prussian wall construction (de Fachwerk ) is campaign at Kickstarter where we offer a set of different buildings which you can select depending on the level unlocked

    Buildings are be available in three most popular scales: 28mm, 20mm (1:72) and 15mm. Buildings will fit both to Bolt Action Old Warhammer, Napoleonic wars in 1/72 scale,  WWII in 15 mm and can be also used while playing your favourite RPG with figures or fantasy and modern wargaming.

    The first goals of the campaign was achieved  such as inn, church, elder building or pre-painted option

    By supporting this project backers receive:

    ·         very nice, perfectly matching buildings, inspired and designed by existing facilities

    ·         living village with many extra elements – not only laser cut but also resin and premium terrains

    ·         buildings in threee finishing option  – unpainted or  pre-painted laser cuts to assembly and painted ready-to-play terrains

    ·         many freebies at every unlocked stretch goal for each backer

    ·         the greater the suport threshold, the more additional options and new buildings

    More about campaign

    Goal is to create a village diorama that is complex, with a variety of parts: living quarters, outbuildings, public places like an inn, church, sheds, piles of extras (resin firewood, haystacks, benches), fences, livestock

    Project is complex – we combine many techniques, like laser cut and resin moulds, and we add our own model materials, grass and mats, to make sure the games have an authentic feel.

    Laser cut buildings are made with great attention to detail and reflective of reality, they were designed by an architect. They have grown very popular worldwide in the last few years.

    The buildings of this project have been designed and cut as an example for the photos, we also used some of the buildings that are already part of our popular village ranges.

    Buildings are made from HDF (MDF) material.

    Buildings have removable roofs and inside decorated floors. They look nice  and interesting even in the unpainted version.

    This year buildings were presented on many events like Hamburger Tactica, Salute and Adepticon

    About us – Terrains4Games

    We are based in Poalnd and create, produce and sell terrain models for battle games, historical dioramas, architectural models, landscape models, and dioramas on request. Operating since 2004 we have produced thousands of models to date.

    Our terrains have been used for battles played across the countries – in tournaments and conventions, in homes and clubs.

    We suport many tournament organizers from United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Lithuania and of course Poland

    We have a large workshop, and an experienced and skilled team. In this project we cooparate wih people all over the world.

    Our last crowdfunding campaign was Four Seasons: Summertime by Terrains4Games

    If you want to support us – link below:



    That is a nice looking set up!

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