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    I have a vision of running a solo campaign set in “sort-of-like -the-movies-Gondor”. It will be far enough from from both book and films to annoy purists from both sides. For example, it will be Gondor against Isengard because I love Uruk-hai and I love the GW Gondorians, but I will also use GB and Warlord and most probably others too. The combat system will be TFLs Dux Britanniarum and the idea is to run a solo campaign that is used to generate games to be played at our games night. That way no-one needs to commit to a running campaign and can instead just show up, get forces and a briefing and have at it, then I’ll work out how the results impact the greater situation and plan out the next battles.


    So, the first thing I need now is a nice map of this faux Gondor. Any good suggestions out there? Something that looks like not-really-NZ and not-really-Dark Age Britan?




    So many toys, so little time.

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