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    Hi all,

    A three year project is in its final stages, namely to recreate the afternoon attack of French forces under King Joseph Bonaparte on the Allied line at Talavera.

    The game will feature each and every battalion, regiment and battery involved on the day, 28th July 1809, and will commemorate the 208th anniversary of the battle next year, that saw Sir Arthur Wellesley created Viscount Wellington of Talavera.

    The game is scaled to an approximate figure to man ratio of 1:30 and a ground scale of about four feet to the mile and will have over 2,000 18mm Napoleonic figures gracing the table.

    The plan for 2017 is to play a series of games that will be reported on and will be included in a scenario pack to be released after the games are concluded.

    In addition to playing the game, the project, Talavera 208, is looking to garner support from the wider wargaming community and general public for a great charity here in the UK supporting combat veterans and to promote the benefits our hobby has to offer.

    If you would like to know more about Talavera 208 and find out how to support the project, please follow the link to JJ’s Wargames


    Thanks in anticipation of your support


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