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    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg

    My vacation has started and as such I naturally have a new project; 15mm Fantasy!

    Mike’s Croms anvil and the adventures of Erland got me in the end. I felt I needed to do something that wasn’t 6mm sci-fi for a while and 15mm sword and sorcery is about as different as I could get drawn into!

    Surrounded on all sides by civilizations old and new, the sand-swept deserts at the center of the continent is home to many secrets left by the ancestors that came before. All trade between the realms of the east, west, the north and the south passes through the kingdoms, duchies and myriad other states that inhabit the more bearable parts of the scorched lands.
    But it’s not only merchants and traders drawn to these lands, no, not at all.

    Among the ancient ruins and forgotten places of those who came before hardy adventurers come to seek their fortune and scholars and mystics seek forbidden and forgotten knowledge. Mercenaries and bravos also flock to the kingdoms of the desert, where conflict is common and profitable.

    It’s a dangerous land who will easily devour the unprepared or unwary, more than a merciless bandits and maddening heat await in the deep desert. Around campfires and in taverns traders and travelers whisper of unnatural fiends and terrible ghasts stalking the dunes and the ruins. Lately, even smaller villages and camps have been struck by calamity of the like only told in tales of old legend.


    The subjects of tales yet to be told.

    Common in the kingdoms of the west, Slayers are hunters that chase prey most men would rather flee from. In the west, sorcery is looked upon with slightly less fear and suspicion than most other places and a fair bit of interest as well. Because of this the prominence of magical beasts and all the trouble that can follow is more common than anywhere else exept the southern jungles.

    Because of this unique talent the Slayers travel far and wide, hunting almost any prey. This too, is true of our wanderer. But what has he come seeking in the deserts and ruins of the ancients?

    A sorcerer of the east, no doubt seeking knowledge stolen by the sands and by time.
    Will he be friend or foe of our wanderer?

    Being a merchant in the central desert is likely to make you a rich man, if you have the head and heart for it. It is also fraught with danger. Unscrupulous and greedy business partners can be as much of a danger as bandits or beasts. That’s why most have bodyguards after all.

    Not all live by trade or highway robbery in the desert or course. Many a nomad clan or tribes of peoples live like their ancestors, subsisting off the land. It’s a hard life, so it makes the tribal men and women equally hard. The chief leads the tribe and it also the first among warriors. The medicine man entreats the gods on behalf of his people, heal the sick and injured as well as providing counsel to the chief.

    Not all creatures in the deserts are human or beast, some fall in-between. The lizardmen are one of those tribes living off the land, the origin a mystery. Many a scholar have but forth different theories over the centuries, but nobody knows for certain.
    The creatures are clearly intelligent, using tools and planning just like humans, leading some learned men to speculate that the could be the result of an magical experiment by their advanced ancestors. Others claim that they have evolved naturally.
    Being violent and territorial, in addition to seeming be unable to comprehend human language, it seems unlikely that the great universities and colleges will solve this mystery any time soon.

    The great deserts is not all sand, great boulders and even small mountains spring up in some parts of the central expanse it covers.

    Along certain rivers and oases both camps and sometimes even towns grow, provided there is anything besides the water to live off of in the area. It’s not uncommon to find small quarry or mining towns where the ranges intersect with a body of water.

    Palm trees grow wherever there is enough water to sustain them. Date palms are a common enough sight around oases and have saved more than a few thirsting and starving travelers.

    This small town, with it’s indigo-bordered walls and temple is one of the first signs of civilization when you come out of the deep deserts travelling the old roads running from the western kingdoms to the eastern ones.


    We will learn more of this settlement, including it’s name when our wanderer finally arrives.

    That’s all I have to share with you for now, I should have the first part of the story in a few more days if all goes well.

    The blog: http://lasersandbroadswords.blogspot.com/2018/07/vacation-time-lets-grab-our-broadsword.html

    Thanks for looking!


    Avatar photoAngel Barracks

    Me seeing the title of this topic:

    Very most wicked sir.

    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    THis looks like it’ll be great!  Give us more! MOOOOOOORE!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Avatar photoEtranger

    Coincidentally I’m currently painting up some of Michaels figures too. Yours look very nice & do them justice.

    Avatar photoOldBen1

    Great bold color choices.  This looks like it will be a lot of fun.  There’s something about dessert terrain that always looks so cohesive.  I can’t wait for your next batch of figures.

    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg

    Cheers guys 🙂

    @Mike; Thanks again for making this and inspiring me to get my butt moving on another project 🙂

    : I’d love to see yours when they are ready!

    As luck would have it I just received some pieces I ordered from Alternative Armies and I have a few minis left to paint that Mike sent me, so the next batch should not be long in the making!

    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg

    Not quite time for the first tale yet, but I have finished some pieces neccessary for telling it:

    Before I could start the Tale of the Wandering Slayer, I needed a few more pieces.

    Since my AA order arrived I have been painting and fixing, getting ready to play the first part of the story.


    First we have some giant scorpions. How these oversized arachnids grew to such size is not known, but they plague many parts of the deserts. Deceptively stealthy for their size, many a traveller have met their end by the claws or stinger of the beasts.


    With a bandit standing in for scale, you get a real sense of who unpleasant it would be to face such a creature.

    Wherever wealth and opportunity arises, conflict is inevitable. Bandits are a ever-present threat along the rich trade routes and long unguarded streches of roads thoughout the central deserts.


    These bandits are no different. Thieves, desertes and other outlaws, they band together in loose groups to take whatever coin and goods they can until they are caught or fall to infighting.


    Leading the band is usually the most ruthless and deadly among the group. Fear and brutality is the tools that keeps his fellows in check and as long as they coin and drink keep flowing he stays on top. If fortune was ever to desert him, it won’t take the rest of the band long to replace him.


    Under the boss is usually a right-hand man. These rogues are usually loyal to the boss personally, more often then not being friends or former subordinates from whatever life they sought to escape. His stern hand enforces the bosses rule.


    The rest of the band is comprised of all manner of rogues, cutpurses and outlaws. Poorly armed and often without any armor, the danger comes not from might or strenght in arms but their desperate ferocity like that of a starving wolf. The description is apt, as many of the outlaws are underfed and mangy unless they happen to belong to a successful band.

    The scorpions and bandits will allow me to play out the first few tales I had in mind and I will add more beasts and men as the story progresses.



    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg

    The first part of the Tale is live:

    Many days and nights he had wandered the dunes, seeking some traces of civilization. His water was running low and thirst soon accompanied the murderous rays of the desert sun.


    Towards the end of yet another day of the endless dunes and rocks, the Slayer thought he saw some green in the endless sea of sand. He tempered his joy, for this was not the first time he’d been fooled by the mirages.


    Dressed in garb and a steel armor of a make seldom found among the locals, it’s clear to anyone that the Slayer is from the west. His fair skin and overly thick garments also betray that this is not a man nativ to these lands.
    The tools of his trade makes it clear that his is a violent path and he had the scars to prove it.


    Wiping the sweat from his brow and stepping up onto the rocks, the wanderer squints towards the greenery around the oasis.


    When the palms and glittering pool doesn’t fade like others before had, he lets out a sigh of relief. The oasis looks to be real!


    Almost falling into the pool, the cool water is a balm to the stricken wanderer. His thirst slaked and waterskin refilled, food is where his thoughts turn to next. Luckily the palms seem to have some dates left, a welcome addition to the bland but nutritious rations common among travelers.

    With a full belly our Slayer lays out his bedroll and tend to the small fire. The second bedroll is a spare, someplace for his gear while he rests and as a decoy, have saved him more than once when bandits have had less than honorable intentions. The Slayer turn in for the night, unwilling to brave the cold desert winds after several hard days march.


    Early the next morning, in the pre-dawn gloom.


    An inhuman chittering and scratching amongst the rocks around his camp awakes the wanderer. With practiced ease he jumps to his feet, slipping into his armor before grabbing his weapons and shield.

    Mere seconds have passed since he awoke, but already some of the giant creatures come skittering into view.
    Scorpions! But not just any regular beasts, no! For reasons unknown to men, these arachnids have grown to be several feet long and deadlier than their smaller counterparts.


    The Slayer is sure he can hear more than the two monstrous creatures in front of him, but taking action is his blood. With bounding leaps he closes the distance, swinging his spear to cleave one of the monsters with a murderous stroke and spins a full revolution, so great was the force of his swing.

    The remaining scorpion hisses as it readied it’s stinger and raises the massive claws. Our wanderer’s spear flashes again however, pinning the giant insect against the rock before it can strike.


    Soon another pair of arachnids come rushing into view while a second pair came rushing from behind the rock where he made camp.


    Again he rushes to meet them, but the damnable beasts are not as simple as they appear! The thick carapace helps deflect what would have been a killing blow as the beast skitters to the side at just the right moment.
    Overextended, the Slayer couldn’t block the stinger from the other scorpion. Screaming out in pain, blood flows freely from the piercing wound.


    Leaping back onto a rock to escape further stings, the wanderer felt the noose tightening as the giant beasts close in on him.


    Running along the rock, our Slayer jumps to land behind a fiend separated from the pack. Surprising it, he manages to skewer the beast before it can turn to face him.


    Relentlessly pursuing their next meal, the scorpions soon have our hero surrounded again. Blocking and slashing left and right, the Slayer keeps the arachnids at bay for a while. But finally a scorpion clamping on the shield with a claw and locking it down, the wanderer is unable to keep the fiends from stabbing and cutting him with their stingers and razor-sharp claws.


    “Argh!” With a scream of rage and pain, our hero slash and pierce one of the offending beast, sending it’s vile green blood flying in all directions.


    Feeling the wounds taking their toll, the Slayer swing his spear in a wide arc to force the remaining fiends back. With some breathing space, he backs off with the shield raised and spear at the ready.


    The fight having taken it’s toll, the wanderer decides to take a chance. To improve his odds, he changes his grip and throws his spear with a grunt at one of the wounded beasts. The heavy spear isn’t balanced for throwing but fortune smiles on him as it sinks deep into the sand, pinning the monstrous insect.


    A single foe remain. He draws his blade and await it. With a vicious downward stroke the Slayer shows why he is so aptly called. The bisected parts of the creature falls at his feet, dead before it hits the ground!

    The final combat roll. Slayer’s are the red dice.


    Bruised and bloodied, the Slayer tends to his wounds. Bathing in the clear water of the oasis, he feels refreshed, if still a bit tender. Before collecting his things he has a quick meal, taking the opportunity to roast some of the arachnids. One should never pass up fresh meat, after all.


    As he sets out to continue his journey, someone is watching him from afar.

    Who is the mysterious stranger? Is he somehow involved with the attack on our wandering Slayer?

    And just what is the Slayer seeking in the central deserts?


    The blog: http://lasersandbroadswords.blogspot.com/2018/07/tale-of-wandering-slayer-chapter-1.html

    Thanks for looking!


    Avatar photoMike

    ooooh wounded but alive!
    Coolio, what rules and what do the counters mean?

    Avatar photocmnash

    Great write-up Alexander! More soon please!


    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg

    Yes, he made it out with a few new scars..

    I used the rules you sent me. I like them so far, but the Slayer will have to consider his moves more wisely next time! The counters are just some I made up for 6mm games a while back to denote casualties, they got to fill the same role here. I might need some sort of wound marker for the future as well..


    Cheers cmnash, more will be coming soon-ish 🙂

    Avatar photoMike

    Yes, he made it out with a few new scars..

    I used the rules you sent me. I like them so far…

    Drop me a mail, you should not be rolling six d6 for combat like in that picture?

    Avatar photoGone Fishing

    Wonderful report, Alexander. I love AAR’s like this, full of atmosphere, nice figs and action. It’s also nice when the good guy comes out on top. Are the scorpions by Alternative Armies? They look suitably menacing. Thanks so much for posting this!


    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg

    Thanks Daryl, I agree it’s nice to see the good guys make it out in the end!

    The scorpions are indeed AA, very nice sculpts. I can really recommend them.

    Thank you for reading and commenting, it’s all the positive feedback from you guys here and on the blog that keeps these things happening. 🙂


    And @editor-mike: Mail is sent good sir!

    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg

    The great thing with having only a few days left of the vacation is that it really motivates you to do things


    So today I have the 2nd chapter of the Tale of the Wandering Slayer:


    When we join our Wanderer again a few more days have passed. He has yet to see a single human, but thankfully no more beasts or magical fiends either.

    He is certain that he must be getting closer to where someone might have settled, since the dunes have been growing smaller as rocky outcrops and vegetation more frequent. Thank the gods for small favors!


    As the Slayer gets closer to a rocky hill, he hears the unmistakable sounds of men arguing and the braying of a beast of burden. Have he finally found some civilization?


    Sneaking up the hill to peer over the top he sees a group of rough-looking thugs surrounding a merchant and his guards. The exact words of the conversation is hard to make out, but the intent of the rogues is clear enough. He sneaks closer yet, trying to hear more clearly.


    “But I have already paid your chief Zarbossa. My caravan is protected by agreement.” The merchant puffs up his chest in an attempt to look more authorative.
    “I’m afraid that we have had a change of leadership. Zarbossa is no longer leading us. As such, you need to pay me to ensure your safety and that of your goods, of course.”
    The leader of the bandits shifts to but his hand on the pommel of his sword, sunlight glinting off the copper-colored scales of his armor.

    “This is an outrage! You cannot do this! Besides I have no more coin to pay you with, it’s all tied up in my wares.” The merchant huffs after his outburst, his face nearly as purple as his jacket.
    “Then we’ll just have to take what you have.” The mirth is gone from the bandits voice, replaced with a dangerous edge like that of a thunderstorm suddenly rolling in were before there was not a cloud.


    As they watch each other warily, one of his bodyguards notice more bandits trying to sneak up on them from beind and cries out: “Filthy dogs! You would sneak up on us,sword in hand while we parley with your chief?!”

    Meanwhile the hawk-eyed merchant spot our Wanderer as he sneaks across the desert floor behind the bandits line. Recognizing his armor as that of a Slayer, he cries out: “Master Slayer, help us drive off these curs and you will be rewarded! I swear it!”


    As their master entreats with the Slayer, his guards are quick to act on the momentary distraction. Bahn strides towards the sneaks intending to stab him in the back and with a mighty swing from his curved sword he nearly splits the bandit in twain!


    Wasting no time, the merchant runs to the pack-mule and starts rummaging for something. Meanwhile Gahn, brother of Bahn and the merchants other guard, starts toward the bandit’s leader.
    Sparks fly as their blades meet, but as they clash again and again the bandit manages to score a deep cut on the guards naked chest, causing Gahn to cry out in pain.


    A trio of bandits just behind their leader run towards the meleé. The unexpected start of the fighting causes them to give pause for a split second, but they have the numbers. Two join their boss to surround the wounded guard while one makes for the pack animal, hoping to secure the loot before the animal is scared off or the merchant flees on it!


    Our wanderer find himself in a bit of a bind. He has no reason or obligation to save the merchant as they have no contract, but the bandits are likely to attack him in any case. The merchant did promise a reward for helping him and the cowardly rogues are likely to run off as soon as a few of them fall in either case. Might as well get paid for it.

    Decision made, the Slayer runs around a rock to attack the bandits from a better angle. Too late the closest bandit hear his steps, and he is dealt a crippling wound as he turns to face his attacker.


    Continuing their deadly dance, the bandit leader strikes again and again, driving the already wounded Gahn to his knees. With a savage kick the guard is knocked out and the copper-mailed brute charges towards his brother, sword held high.


    Bahn fights on, knocking back every attempt by the second sneak to gut him.  His attention occupied, he doesn’t notice the charging bandit leader until the last second. A deep gash opens up in his back even though he tries to jump out of the way of the edge of the blade as it sings through the air.


    Turning to toward the Slayer and charging, the remaining bandit close to avenge his wounded comrade. But his blade is easily turned by the trained Slayer, who spent countless days and nights training to fight mighty beasts. With his attacker off balance, he simply runs the bandit through, letting his lifeblood drain into the sands.


    As the merchant’s guard falls senseless, the yellow-capped bandits run to help stop the merchant from fleeing. When the first one reach for his arm, the merchant swings around with a wicked-looking dagger. Before the rogue knows what hit him, he falls dead to the ground, his heart pierced by the dagger.


    With murder in his eyes and curses flying off his tongue, the bandit comes at the merchant. In his anger he swings and misses, wincing and yelping as he recives a deep cut from the dagger that just killed his fellow rogue. With his back turned to the last of the trio, the merchant never sees the blows that knocks him senseless.


    Already wounded, the second bandit proves no challenge to our wanderer and he soon joins his comrades.


    Even before the body hits the ground, the Slayer is moving again. Soon he clashes with the leader of these lowly curs. While certainly a more competent fighter than his underlings, the bandit boss is instantly on the defensive, barely dodging the murderous stabs from our hero’s spear.
    A lucky strike slides the blade along the inside of the rogue’s arm, causing him to cry out and drop his blade. With this his fate is sealed, when less than breath passes before the Slayer expertly drives his blade through the boss’ skull, slaying him instantly.


    Distracted by his superior’s defeat, the sneak fighting Bahn fails to deflect his flashing blade and has his chest slashed open, dropping him to the ground.



    This was the final straw for the remaining pair of bandits, who promptly flee. The Slayer starts as if to give chase, but a shout from Bahn stops him in his tracks.
    “Let them run master Slayer. We must tend to my master and my brother!” He exclaims.

    Both turn out to be lucky, having received fairly light wounds. After some bandages and poultices have been administered, their patience is soon rewarded as both men regain their senses, sore but most definitely alive.


    “I thank you master Slayer. Your timing was most fortuitous! I fear we would not have made it out with our lives if not for your intervention.” The merchant winces visibly as he shifts around, trying without success to find a less uncomfortable position.
    He continues:
    “My name is Miklos, a humble merchant. I, along with Bahn and Gahn here (he gestures to the two brother guardsmen) were traveling back to our home, a small town near here called Biru Kutha.”

    The Slayer regarded Miklos. It was a stroke of luck that he happened to know the way to a nearby town. Maybe he could find some clues to the ancient ruins there?
    “Hail and well met Miklos the merchant, I am Emerik the Slayer. You mentioned a reward for your rescue if I am not mistaken?”

    “Yes, you speak true master Slayer. Alas I carry no coin as all is invested in the merchandise on this pack-mule.” Miklos sheepishly indicates the beast behind him.

    It’s laden with a whole host of goods, from food and drink to arms and armor. Emerik is surprised the beast can stand, nevermind move, with such a load.

    “I feared as much. No matter, I could use a few nights in a bed after this time on the road.” the Slayer admitted to the merchant’s party.

    “It’s only a short bit away, if you follow us.” Gahn and Bahn say in unison, indicating that the wanderer should follow them.

    Some time later, as the sun begings to dip, the party in within reach of the walls of Biru Kutha.


    “It’s not a great city just yet, but gods willing (the merchant kisses a medallion before replacing it in his robes) this will be a jewel of the desert!”
    “Any civilized village would have done at this point.” Emerik answered.
    “This is not just any town my friend, but I might be biased, having helped found it! You will stay in my house as a guest for as long as you need and I shall repay you as soon as I am able, of course.”
    “Very generous of you, merchant Miklos.” Emerik says, somewhat distracted. He finds it peculiar that the gates look unguarded and he can’t see any townfolk about. It reminds him more of an abandoned village than a bustling small town. Maybe they are wary of strangers..

    As they get closer, he notice the guards and Miklos seem concerned as well.

    “Where are all the people? Is this common for this town? ” Emerik finally asks. “No, it most definitely is not. Come, we must see the priest, he can no doubt tell me what has transpired since we left!”

    What happened to the people? Where is the town guard? What happened in Biru Kutha?

    Til next time!


    During the last part of the battle, as the bandits fled a rare sight: One of the titanic desert guardians decided to lounge just where Emerik had come through.


    The blog: http://lasersandbroadswords.blogspot.com/2018/07/tales-of-wandering-slayer-chapter-2.html

    Thanks for looking!

    Avatar photoMike

    Oooh is Emerik an exiled noble?

    Oooh what is next, where are the locals?

    Avatar photoGone Fishing

    I can’t say enough how I’ve enjoyed these. It’s very rare that I read through an entire AAR online, but yours have me riveted from start to finish – you are a talented storyteller! Like the merchant, for thanks I can give you no coin, but instead proffer this small amulet, crafted somewhere in the dripping black jungles of far off Khitai…

    (The only thing I’d add is a short little note at the end on the make of figures used. For 15mm illiterates like myself such things are most helpful!)

    EDIT: Forgot to add that the final picture sent chills through to my very bones. Could that perchance explain the unguarded gates and empty streets of the city? I shall await the answer anxiously.)

    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg

    He might be, more details about his past will surface from time to time.

    You’ll just have to wait and see, when Emerik reaches the town some things might be explained..


    Thanks Daryl, I find that writing the whole thing like a story makes it somewhat more interesting for myself as well as others! I’ll see what I can do about making a short list of manufacturers for the various models that feature.

    The great desert guardians wrath, allthough terrible beyond description is also exeedingly rare. Spotting one is usually considered a sign of good fortune from the gods, at least according to some. The cause for the missing guard and empty streets is likely something alltogether different..

    Avatar photoMike

    Hmmmmm you have used the bandits and the giant scorpions, but not yet the lizard creatures…

    Avatar photogreg954

    Wow, nice; really good. Well put together story, just goes to show what can be done with a few figures and some imagination. Really inspirational piece, I must say. So much so I’m finding it hard not to start a fantasy project just yet.


    Note to myself; finish what you’re doing first…..be strong…..stop looking over the next hill……errrh.

    Avatar photoGone Fishing

    I’m feeling the same thing, Greg. Alexander (and Michael, AB, if you see this), what size “board” are you playing with? 2×2? 3×3?

    The grey matter is definitely fizzing…

    Avatar photoMike

    I have a TSS 2′ x 2′ tile.

    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg

    Cheers Greg, glad you enjoy it.

    Oh shiny syndrome is hard to resist, I know.. But we want to know what happens with the PHR and xenomorphs too!


    To answer you question Daryl, I have both a set of tiles that cover 2×2′ or 2×3′. In the Tale so far I have been using a desert cloth I made with the help of my lovely wife, It’s basically a piece of fabric dyed to look desert-y and just big enough to cover out kitchen table. So about 84×140 cm, or 2.75′ x 4.5′.

    Avatar photoGone Fishing

    Thank you both very much. I have to say one of the attractions of these little guys is how compact everything is!

    Avatar photoOldBen1

    Good work!  This looks exactly what I want to be gaming.  Great narrative game.

    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg

    Thanks Oldben, I look forward to seeing what you come up with as well!

    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg


    Setting up the last pieces for the next chapter, I now have what I think will be enough for the next outing and maybe even the one after that.

    Mostly found in the deeper parts of the desert, the sand worms are a blight facing travelers. Hunting almost anything, these creatures use seismic and other senses poorly understood by the scholars of the human world to strike with unerring accuracy and ferocity. While deadly and territorial, the creatures are thankfully quite rare, or at least they used to be..


    The worms are usually solitary and become quite territorial when grown, but the young have been observed hunting in small family packs untill they grow big enough to successfully hunt alone. Even at a young age the sand worms are often more than 10 feet long and strong enough to take down a man, however their senses are not as finely honed as their grown counterparts.


    Adult worms are a force to be reckoned with, even for a mighty hero or unit of soldiers. With their crushing jaws and rock hard carapace, many have been turned into sustenance for the ravenous beast. Traveling under the sands, a favored tactic of the worm is to come up from below, devouring it’s prey before it has a chance to fight back or flee.


    When they reach maturity, the sand worms usually measure 30 foot or more. Some desert tribes have claimed that ancient sand worms can be over a 100 feet long, but surely that is their superstitious minds exaggerating reality.


    The priest of the local temple to the gods. When most people would cower and hide in the face of calamity and black omens, the priest beseeches the gods. With ancient rituals and secret spells passed down through the ages, he calls on his divine patrons to lend aid, wisdom or vengance upon those who would harm his flock.


    The local guardsmen of Biru Kutha. Recruited from the men-folk of the small town and paid from the town treasury, of which the merchant Miklos is master, the guardsmen usually keep the peace and make sure that justice and order is upheld. Now they have gone missing however..


    Lastly we have some of the great mechant’s wares. Barrels of oils and wine, a chest of various valuables, as well as arms and armor both for sale and for the replenishing of the guards equipment.

    This is all that I have for now, but soon there should be another chapter in the Tale of the Wandering Slayer.


    The blog: http://lasersandbroadswords.blogspot.com/2018/07/beasts-guards-and-more.html

    Avatar photoMike

    Coolio. Those damn worms get everywhere..

    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg

    Yeah, not the sort of thing you want to find in your quarters and a great reason to build your dwellings on a stable, rocky foundation 🙂

    Avatar photoGone Fishing

    Love how everything is turning out! Now, you know I have to ask: who makes the worms? 😁

    I can’t wait to see the next AAR!

    Avatar photoMike

    Alternative Armies.

    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg

    Cheers, and Mike beat me to it, they are indeed AA.

    Avatar photoGone Fishing

    Ah, thanks. They have a deep catalogue for sure.

    Avatar photocmnash

    And another who longs for the next AAR!


    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg

    The wait is over The next chapter is here:

    When we again join Emerik, his temporary party has entered through the gates of Biru Kutha, where the streets lie deserted.
    “Gods be merciful! Where could everybody be?” Miklos the merchant exclaimed.
    “There is no blood or signs of struggle, do not dispair yet.” the Slayer resonds as he takes in the scene around him.

    The small town looks like it was taken by some surprise, goods and details of daily life sit where they dropped, but there is little to reveal what spooked the townsfolk so.

    Suddenly a voice calls out across the small square: “Miklos, praise the gods you are spared!” The door to the temple fly open as a priest steps out onto the stair.
    “Aggas, it warms my heart to see you, but what has happened here?” Miklos move to meet the priest at the well in the center of the town.
    “A foul omen, a sign of the gods displeasure!”

    “I think I can explain it Miklos, and it has little to do with the gods!” Suddenly, a brawny man comes around the back of the temple. His garb, coupled with his thick muscle and weapons tell Emerik that this man is likely a guard, probably the even captain of the guard given his familiarity with the merchant and priest.


    Aggas shoots the man a dark look, disrespecting both the gods and their mouthpiece infront of a stranger, but he hold his tongue.
    Ever the diplomat, Miklos quickly grab the attention of the captain to forestall any bickering: “Captain Farkh, where is the rest of your guards and the rest of the town?”
    “Some nights ago we started hearing strange calls and goings on after dark.
    At first we thought it was wild dogs, but last night we saw them for the first time on a patrol of the streets. They were some hellish mix of lizard and man!” The captain relayed what he had seen to the newcomers, growing animated as he went along.
    “Gods shield us from such creatures, what do they want?” Miklos sat down in the sand, clearly shocked.


    “What does any such creature want? To sacrifice us to their twisted and vile gods, or eat us, surely!” Aggas cried out, unable to contain his fear and religious fervor any longer.
    “And what of our people?” Miklos pleaded, looking to the captain.
    “Most are safe, some seek sanctuary with Aggas under the eyes of the gods in the temple, the rest are holed up in their homes on my order until my men return.” Farkh stated. “They followed the scavengers as they left before sunrise, to drive the fiends from our lands.” He added.

    “Now I have duties to attend to, and I am sure that our people need your guidance Aggas.” He gives the priest a pointed look. “I’m sorry you have come to us at a dire time traveller, our hospitality is usually not this poor. You have my thanks for bringing our treasurer and valued merchant Miklos back to us.” With these words, both Aggas and Farkh turn and go their separate ways.


    “I am sorry you find us at such a calamitous time master Slayer. We are already indebted to you, but I fear I must ask even more of you.”
    “What would you ask of me master merchant?” Emerik eyes Miklos with some apprehension.

    “Would you consider a contract? I would have you go after the guardsmen the captain sent to drive off these creatures that have found themselves in our neighborhood. The captain is a proud man and his guards are well trained, but I fear that such fiends might prove too much for them. Would you aid them, and all of us?” Miklos looks at the Slayer with worry in his eyes.

    “How do you propose to pay me, you who have yet to settle your previous debt?” our hero asks bemused.
    “I will speak to the priest and captain Farkh, we I will convince them to pay you from the town coffers. I will also have something else from my own collection to gift you, as thanks for saving my life, and that of my bodyguards.” Miklos speaks confidently, like a man already sure of the outcome.
    “Very well, merchant Miklos, you have struck a deal.” Emerik offer up his hand and the men shake on the agreement.

    “Now I will go find the good captain and inquire to the direction I am to find his guardsmen.” The Slayer stalks off to find Farkh, leaving Miklos to his business and his brother-guards to see to the goods they saved from the bandits.


    Before long Emerik find captain Farkh and recounts his conversation with Miklos. The guard captain grunts his agreement between bites, as our Slayer interrupted him mid-meal.
    “Come master Slayer, I will show you where to start.” Farkh puts down the loaf he had been devouring, motioning for Emerik to follow.

    They soon reach the gates of the town.
    “Follow this route to the west, the winds have been calm, so I am sure you will pick up my men’s track with little difficulty.” The captain points to a landmark in the distance: “There is a few small pools just past those twin hills over there, I would imagine that is where the fiends have made camp.”
    After thanking the guard captain, Emerik soon picks up the tracks, just like Farkh had predicted.


    After a few hours of traveling and following the trail, Emerik reaches the twin hills spoke of by the captain..


    ..He soon spots the guardsmen as he enters the depression between the two rocky hillsides.


    The guardsmen have formed a loose ring around the lizardmen, beating their shields and shouting to drive them off. Hissing and roaring in their strange tongue, the lizardmen seem more provoked than frightened.
    “I have come from Biru Kutha to aid you, courtesy of the merchant Miklos.” Emerik announces with a call that booms across small oasis.
    “Welcome stranger, we are greatful for any help! These fiends have corrupted the pools with their filth, but we will see them off yet!” One of the guardsmen responds, indicating the scummy pools with his blade.


    The four lizardmen are not alone however. Unbeknownst to the guardsmen, a hunting party is just returning when the calls of their tribe reaches them!

    Sensing that the numbers now favor them, the lizardmen’s chief gives a shout and they charge!
    They quickly surround a guardsman, but his skill and luck is greater than theirs this day and he manages to keep the stabbing spears at bay. When the chief tries to gut him, he instead receives a pair of vicious stabs from the guardsman’s spear for his trouble.


    Their backs turned, the savage warriors are unable to stop Emerik’s lethal assault as his spear thrust through the pair again and again, leaving the warriors bleeding into the sand!


    Swinging his shield in a murderous arc, the lone guardsman first deflects the chief’s spear before smashing the shield full into the lizardman’s face, knocking him to the desert floor.


    Just as his swing finishes, an arrow whistles into the flank of the guardsman! The lizardman hiding by the pool had been waiting for an opportunity to pepper the invaders with his arrows and such a chance had just presented itself.


    Loosing another shaft against the second pair of guardsmen bearing down on him, he fails to get past the vigilant shield-arm of the guardsmen.


    The hunting party of lizardmen coming into view, our Slayer strains his legs to reach the closest one before it can threaten the guardsmen. A quick slash rewards him with a angry hiss from his opponent.


    The wounded guardsman drag himself in behind a large cactus to bind his wound and try to remove the arrow in his side. At the same time, his fellow guardsmen keep up their march against the bow lizardman. The reptilian archer draw and loose a multitude of arrows, keeping the guards shields up. One arrow finally find it’s mark, striking the throat of a tiring guard, slaying him instantly.


    Clearly outmatched, the wounded lizardman can’t keep Emerik’s cuts and thrusts from his flesh for long and he soon falls to the multitude of wounds.


    Finally reaching the archer, the guardsmen fall upon him with savage blows, avenging their dead and wounded comrades.


    No sooner than the first archer has fallen, an arrow come flying for the guardsman right behind him.
    Caught by surprise, the shot throws the guardsman to the ground bleeding and crying out in pain!


    Facing off against the last of the spear-wielding fiends, Emerik spins and thrusts, blocking blows with his shield while looking for an opening. When the lizardman strikes against his leg, the spear get stuck in the sands!
    Emerik quickly skewers the reptilian, ending the fight as it slides off his spear.


    Knowing how deadly arrows can prove, Emerik charges the last standing lizardman. The creature gives a hiss-chirp of surprise as the Slayer quickly closes the distance. Before it can reach for the dagger in his belt, Emerik’s spear has thrust right through him, a few inches sticking out of the reptilian’s back.

    As the last of the lizardmen has fallen, the remaining guardsmen see to their wounds and the fallen, how are regrettably beyond their aid. As they pick through the dead, one off them cries out in fright!
    “What is it man, that has you so unraveled?” Emerik challenges the guard.
    “The leader of these fiends, he yet lives! The blow must have only knocked him senseless!” He replies exitedly.

    As Emerik comes to deliver a killing blow, the reptilian suddenly stuns them by croaking: “Stay your hand, I beg of you. I shall reward you if you spare my life!”
    The lizardman spoke! Not any gibbering tongue known only to his kind, but the common tongue!


    “Why should I spare you, and how did you come to know our language?” Asked Emerik, recovering from the shock. According to most scholars, the various humanoids that inhabit the world are little but savage beasts that couldn’t possibly understand or learn the cultured ways of men. It seems in this case at least, they are wrong.. Emerik considers the implications of such a discovery when the chief responds:

    “I have journeyed further than many of my kind and while they find little use for your tongue and customs, I saw litte harm in learning it. As to why you should spare me, I would ask you hear me out: My tribe lived many days and nights from here, in a system of caves. We kept to ourselves and rarely had cause to cross paths with men.
    Some moons ago, our shaman saw bad omens in his dreams, and soon calamity befell us. A plague hit our people and in our weakened state we could not keep the sand worms at bay and they drove us from our ancestral home.”

    “I see, but why claim these pools, and foul the waters? This is one of the few sources of water around here and now it stinks of rot!” Cried one of the guards.

    “When we found this place, we were coming close to the time of the spawning. Our young need the waters to be born. With the pools of our caves lost to us, we had to take what was at hand. We hunters watch the pools and the young ones. The smell you remark on is the food we dump into the pools for the hatchlings. In another moon, they will be big enough to leave the pool. But without it they will perish, and so might our entire tribe be doomed!”

    The guards looked to the Slayer with unease, not sure if they shouldn’t kill the reptile and his kin.
    Emerik broods for another few moments and then speak:
    “I see you plight chief, but I know not if there is anything I can do. These pools are needed by travelers and the town nearby.”

    The lizardman sighs and nods: “You have bested many of our hunters and I cannot stop you from slaughtering the rest of us. But I have been your prowess. If you would travel with me to the caves and drive the worms away, we would have no more need of these pools.
    We would clean them up and offer trade with the towns you speak of. For you personally I can offer some of the things we have found exploring the ancient ruins deep in the caves, of little value to us but it might be of use to you. These is also precious rocks that you might take.”

    The lizardman chief takes a small gemstone out from a small satchel in his belt. The red stone glitters in the sunlight. It’s a bloodstone, a gem worth a moderate sum, but he seems to indicate that there are more of them to be had.

    “I would know your name, chief of the tribe, if we are to strike a deal. I am Emerik, Slayer from the western kingdoms.”
    “Master Slayer, I thank thee, my name is not one pronouncable by most, but you may call me Skizz.”

    The guardmen look on in confusion at the exchange, not sure how to feel about the latest developments.

    Before any more can be said, a low rumbling, like that of a quake can be felt.

    “Oh no, some worms must have followed us somehow!” Cried Skizz as he looks around nervously.
    The sand blows up in two places, revealing the armored heads of a pair of sand worms.
    “Stay together. don’t let them separate us!” Emerik cautioned.


    The first worm slithers towards the group, it’s jaws opening and closing with crushing force.
    As it reaches the Slayer and one of the guards, Emerik manages to slam his shield into the head to the creature. With the worm momentarily stunned, the guard wastes no time slashing it’s exposed throat, covering himself and the ground in a thick, dark ichor.


    Skizz dances around the second worm, dodging and weaving as he stabs at the armored head of the second beast.


    Penning it in, all four warriors stab and slash at the enraged worm. After what feels like an eternity of dodging and stabbing, the second worm finally falls into the sands, wracked by death throes.

    “Might I have a word chief Skizz?” Emerik asks as the worm stills.
    The guardsmen take the hint with some reluctancy, stepping away to leave the Slayer alone with the lizardman.


    “I hope to convince the guards to go back with their dead and stay in Biru Kutha until I return. If you carry any more of those gems it might ease their discomfort with the idea.” Emerik states, looking to the chief.
    “I have only a few more, but you are welcome to them. I learned long ago that men value these highly, sometimes too much so..” Skizz fetches the last of the stones from another pouch and hands them to the Slayer.

    “Thank you chief Skizz, I shall return shortly.” With that, Emerik walked off to the waiting guardsmen.


    “I will go with the chief, to solve this problem for both your town and his people. I ask that you take these gems as reparation for the damages caused..”
    He hand the guard the pair of bloodstone. “And that you let the town council know that I will return in some time. Until then, stay away from the pools and leave the lizardmen be and I shall see that they do the same.” Seeing their eyes drawn to the gems, Emerik makes the guard repeat it back to him, before sending them on their way.

    As they start the long walk back, one says to the other. “That Slayer is either mad or fearless, either way, I’m glad he didn’t try to drag us along!”

    Emerik returns to the waiting chief and relay the terms of their contract. With little choice but ruin and doom, Skizz readily agrees to keep his people away from town and leave as soon as they are able.

    The agreement struck, Skizz and Emerik wander off into the desert, towards the faraway mountains..

    What will happen on their journey? Why did the sand worms suddenly attack, and what are the ancient ruins hidden in the caverns of the lizardmen?


    The blog: http://lasersandbroadswords.blogspot.com/2018/07/tales-of-wandering-slayer-chapter-3.html

    Thanks for looking!

    Avatar photoAngel Barracks


    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    Really goo stuff mate!


    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Avatar photogreg954

    Ah yeah, bravo. Another brilliant chapter, just gets better. A good twist to the story too. I never expected the lizardmen to form an uneasy alliance. Then the worms show up! I hate those things. Let’s just hope our slayer can sort em out!

    Just wondering, how have you come up with the ideas and inspirations for the story?

    Avatar photoAlexander Wasberg

    Cheers dudes, glad you enjoy it 🙂

    To try and answer your question Greg; I read a lot of fiction, usually a book or so every week. I play too many video games and watch as much series, movies and anime I can when I’m not painting, playing or reading books or comics. I don’t have to look to far for inspiration, I just have to try and quiet the noise in my head to get something remotely sane and useful out 😉

    A bit more concrete though, I tend to have a rough idea for the next few adventures, with some ideas if the dice makes things take an unexpected turn. So I end up with a wobbly flow-chart in my head for the adventures to come and see where it takes me. Then it’s just play, spend a bunch of hours editing and writing it up before repeationg the whole thing over again!


    I hope that helps in some small way!

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    Yes it does thank you. Keep up the good work.

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