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    Got up far too early with not enough sleep and took a trip down to Bovington Tank Museum for a giggle.

    There was a wargame show also on there. I took some pictures. Quality of images are not guaranteed due to the lighting and all that stuff. I failed to buy a model of a tank. Got some RT space marines and a Helichopter though. Not enough post-WW2 models for sale. Loads of 20mm stuff though. Anyway, pictures.

    Still no based Kursk games spotted. Plenty of tanks though. Am dead now. Blargh.



    Wowzer !!!


    Nice pics, thanks for the effort in taking and sharing.
    I like the look of that snow game.
    Was it bonkers hot in there?


    Wow, lots of good looking games.  And tanks.  Thanks for sharing the pix.

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    Steve Johnson

    Thanks for the pics and some nice looking games on show.

    Rod Robertson

    Tanks for sharing! I’m sorry, I could not help myself. I’m so ashamed.

    The modern stuff looks great and the picture of the fleets of aircraft flying over a battlefield looked epic! Great stuff. I am very impressed that you also build and game with tanks at a 1:1 scale. Those tanks must be a devil to transport in your car!

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson.


    Really bad priming job on that Char B. 😉

    Some day I will go to a British wargames show.

    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!


    The two fields nearest the camera look to be artificial grass matting, & the more distant fields might be too. I’ve got some similar looking offcuts in the ‘to use’ box somewhere.


    Well, had a resurrection cast at last so to answer your queries:

    Does anyone know how the grass is done in the first picture? It doesn’t look like teddy bear fur.

    Grass mat is done with fake turf that’s had some additional colours added so there’s brown patches and the like rather than a uniform green.

    Really bad priming job on that Char B. 

    You should see how bad the white paint was on the KV-1 and the mould lines on the T-34/85! It’s like they just threw a thin coat of whitewash over a preexisting paint coat instead of carefully stripping it and repainting it in layers or something… Could pass for a ‘pro-painted’ label on ebay though I bet.

    Those tanks must be a devil to transport in your car!

    I don’t drive, so I had to wheel them there in a trolley. But I’ve always said that a good terrain set up is worth the extra effort.

    Was it bonkers hot in there?

    Bit muggy in places but actually not too bad. Well, I’ve had a lot worse.

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    I had a stall selling war-game stuff at Bovington this weekend an excellent show, sadly the battery in my mobile died so no photos.  Thanks for the photo’s.

    A big thank you to Richard Harris and all the crew for their help this weekend, well done to all the wargame  ladies for their cooking skills BZ all round,

    Russell Phillips

    Bovington is a great place. I was there the weekend before for Tank Fest. I put a few of my videos up on YouTube.

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