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    I know NOTHING about this period, other than there are a few companies making figures. Looking at 15/18mm. What size were most of the battles? What should be the basic unit building block? I would probably want to go rather simple with rules, maybe a Bloody Big Battles or a variant of Fire and Fury.

    What book(s) should I buy to cover the military history? I see there are a couple of offerings from the Perry chaps. The guide looks useful…is the scenario book worth the quid? Looks like the scenarios covers a range of troop scales as it mentions skirmished and battles on the cover.

    What battle(s) would have the British and French Legions? Do the three companis in 15/18mm match well with one another?

    Yes, total noob to this, so load me up with info!

    Buckeye Six Actual


    I cannot answer all of them but if you download “13. January-February 2017 The First Carlist War 1833-1839” it has a lot of information in it and were to find more.


    With Respect
    Konstantinos Travlos

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    I’m currently doing this, for books get All Honour is Lost and Conrad Cairns The First Carlist War-both very affordable.

    For figures in 15/18mm you can choose from Totentanz, QRF and Capitan some of the last two will mix.  The command here are Capitan, the rank and file QRF.


    I’m currently awaiting an order from Totentanz once I have it I’ll do a size comparison here and on my blog.

    Th size of engagements went from skirmishes to quite big battles.  You can see more pics on my blog if you scroll down.


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