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    Avatar photocmnash

    Hi, I just gave in and bought the historical hammer bundle and having read through both Trench- and October- Hammer, I am very pleased with what I’ve read! 

    However, I don’t see in Trench Hammer any benefit to attacking a tank with either an artillery piece or an anti-tank rifle … I would’ve thought they would have a hit modifier or perhaps damage adjustment of some sort

    This quote is from October Hammer: “All attacks against vehicles suffer a Hit penalty of +2 (Armored[sic] target) unless conducted by field guns“, but there is no equivalent to the bold part of the quote in Trench Hammer (unless I missed it?).

    Is this deliberate – i.e. representing lack of experience/training – in TH? or another one of my mistooks?



    Avatar photoJozisTinMan

    Glad you like it! I am the guy who collaborated with Ivan.

    I think we just didn’t take dedicated AT weapons that showed up later in the war into account.

    Here is my suggestion, Ivan will probably have a more elegant one. When shooting at tanks:

    Mauser 13.5mm AT rifle: No +2 to hit and does D3 damage.

    German machine guns with a belt of armor piercing K bullets, one shot per gun per game: +1 to hit and D6 damage

    37mm Antitank gun: like field gun

    76mm minenwerfer in direct fire role (frequently pressed into service as AT weapon: as field gun but I would restrict to 12” firefight range.


    Share pics and your experiences with the rules, and don’t be afraid to fiddle with them to give you the effect you want!



    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    Field guns (75mm, 77mm etc.) shouldn’t count the +3 penalty against armor.
    It’s hinted at in the rules for tanks firing at tanks, but I realize it’s not clear elsewhere. I’ll try to get that fixed today.

    I’d use Jozis suggestions for AP machine gun fire and the likes.

    Avatar photocmnash

    Thanks for the replies guys – much appreciated

    By the way, it was because of Jozi’s blog posts that I bought the rules


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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