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    Ivan Sorensen

    War story threads are always fun, so here we go:

    The topic is a player with a terrible plan (be honest, it can be yourself) that somehow ended up working on the table after all.

    Whether due to hot dice, a miscalculation on the enemy part of the terrible plan just happening to fit this one specific situation.

    So what’s the time you mounted a frontal assault on the machine guns or sent your artillery on a flanking move and it worked?

    Nordic Weasel Games


    In an Eastern Front game, my small German force was suffering the “death of a thousand cuts” as it was whittled away by a large & continually advancing Soviet army. In spite of opportunities to be a bit aggressive, I simply absorbed losses & retreated bit by bit. By the designated last few turns I had only dribs & drabs deployed around a nebelwerfer battery. However, rather than accept a solid “Victory” result, my opponent decided he’d wipe me out for a “Glorious Victory”. Clearly his contempt for my timorous approach outweighed good sense. So to get enough troops up, he loaded them in trucks & raced for the nebelwerfers. I got in one salvo which thanks to the vagaries of the dice resulted in a barrage of accurate hits. His truck borne infantry suffered loads of hits; any not dead were pinned.

    Game over & my Germans accepted a definite moral victory.




    I often play the high risk – high reward strategy in games, which, commonly look like absolutely horrible plans (and sometimes turn out to be).


    The Bandit

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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