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    Ivan Sorensen

    Among the hundred projects I am working on, I have a set of very small skirmish rules for probably less than 10 figures a side. 4-6 would be more typical.

    Generic horse&musket era (more muskets and swords really), with the potential to cross into RPG territory. You’d have named characters, and a scenario may be as likely to be a nobleman and his cronies getting revenge, as a military patrol.

    The rules are percentile driven

    It’s veeeery early and while I had napoleonic era in mind, it could work for most anything black powder I imagine. Right now, it covers the basic moving and shooting at people, with most of the rest coming later.

    You’ll need a few figures, some percentile dice and a creative mind. Feedback from reading is welcome but the main value is on people who might have to put a few figures on the table and test things out, solo or with other players.


    Pop me a line at [email protected] if this has your interest.

    Nordic Weasel Games

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