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    Well, I’ve flown my first mission with the C-47, a very fun glider with an engine plane, takes off far sooner than you expect, very odd sitting several meters over where the wheels touch the ground. Even tho the landing was a bit fast, closer to 90mph than 70, everything worked out well.

    Took me 1 hour and 45 minutes for the around 430km flight.

    My main complaint is the IL-2 AI, it sucks, the AI thinks it’s in a fighter, way too steep turns for those poor paratroopers in there. Who needs german flak with pilots like that. And of course, the AI decides it’s perfect to drop the paratroopers inside a cloud, not only that but while in the cloud, and while still dropping troops the AI does a sharp 90-degree turn, I assume to kill the remaining paratroopers they didn’t kill already. I have to swerve away so as to not hit parachutes and planes.

    The AI was a huge immersion breaker, a great plane, bad bad AI. Sorry for the bad quality, my OBS had reset the bitrate too much lower than I had it on.


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    50 years ago I caught a flight back from Korat RTAFB to Nakon Phanom RTAFB with a raging hangover and enjoyed possibly the smoothest if slowest flight I’ve ever had in a C-47 with the brass manufacturers plate that showed the aircraft built in 1938. Fantastic aircraft although the joke back then was taxied at 100, took off at 100, climbed at 100, cruised at 100 and landed at 100.

    The tree of Life is self pruning.


    Cruising speed is about 150(tho I cheated on the way home and get her just under 200 for much of the home trip)

    150 isn’t a lot, a P51 can bearly stay in the air at that speed. You dip the wing slightly too much and that P51 will stall a wing and you’ll die if you’re not high enough to recover.

    It was,very fun flying something “big” again.

    Last time I flew a plane in a sim with any real size was back in flight simulator 2002 when I flew a little in air liners.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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