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    I posted this on a couple of forums but i realised I forgot about this one

    Moving on I have been working away on some 28mm fantasy for skirmish games such as SoBH and Frostgrave. I’m also planning to play massed battles games like KOW in the future. I started with some simple terrain before progressing to this.

    A lot of my fantasy inspiration comes from the terrain making articles in the old White Dwarfs and GW making terrain books. So I’ve decided to start with a classic building I first saw in WHFB 3th edition – the abbey of La Maisontaal.

    I tracked down the Citadel journal online which has the original scenario and card printout. Based on this I have started a slighter larger version but with the same shape.

    I got some free time so I cut the basic shapes out of foamboard and this was pretty quick. I made the corners so they overlap each other (kind of a half-lap joint) to give it some more strength and made the internal part larger so I can figures inside if I want.

    I made the abbey ground’s walls and ruined tower, and I plan to keep these separate and modular, for storage purposes and so they can be used for other things

    Next I started adding card to the window and door frames for the stone detailing. I cut some square holes for the exposed timber beams, and I added a ramp to the side of the abbey (which looks like some sort of delivery entrance). Also some supports were added as the building has 2 levels.

    And then work began on the roof for the enclosed part of the abbey. The roof will have card tiles and I wanted a strong structure so I used some black card, which the tiles will be glued onto. Also I started on the wooden beams but I didnt really think this through and didnt cut them long enough so I had to add extra pieces. Also I dont know how I will be able to remove the roof!  😕

    Aside from my mistakes I really like how this is working out, and it will be useful of large battle and skirmish


    And progress continues with part 2
    Some more progress on the Abbey and I have finished all the detailing apart form the roof and the gatehouse. I spent a few nights in front of the TV cutting and gluing all the bits and pieces on and adjusting the design as I go.  😀

    I added some wooden interior details to the ruined part of the abbey and late I will add a stone floor and some debris.

    The roof came out really well and I spent a bit of time making sure it fitted tightly into the slots I had cut. Then I realised that it would not be removeable so I had to cut the foam board away and glue it onto the roof between the beams.  :blush:



    Part 3

    I’ve finished gluing all the stone work on (apart from the main gate) and i textured the wall. I cut up the bases and made them separate and interlocking so I can store it easier, and use the pieces separately (hard to see in the pictures). I have started on a floor in the ruined section using a GW movement tray and I will add some broken stones and debris.All I have left to do is the doors and windows, debris and whatever extra details I add along the way.


    And part 4


    I have finished the construction of the abbey. I added some windows and doors and other details. The windows are made from balsa with fly net mesh and the doors are balsa with green stuff hinges and brass handles. I also added a shield motif on the buildings using a GW Empire shield design.

    The floor has been modeled with some damage and I added pieces of polystyrene to the floor where the rubble will go.

    The abbey finished (without rubble)

    The gatehouse with abbey design

    Some extra ruins bits which I can use as generic pieces

    The ruined tower and closeup of the door

    The abbey

    The main entrance to the abbey with mesh windows

    This was all the leftover pieces of card, balsa and foam board used to make the model. Normally it would go in the rubbish but I kept it to use for rubble.

    And the completed La Masiontaal with rubble added

    I wanted it to have a decent amount of rubble, which I prefer to some of the smaller amounts I see on models. When I paint the rubble I will mix PVA glue into the base coat to help keep the rubble down.

    Other pieces


    And here is the piece finished

    I’m pretty stoked how it came out and I can’t wait to use it. I think it is reasonably true to the original and it will make a great center piece for a game.

    I painted it with craft paints and weathered it with washes, modelling powders and an airbrush. The roof needs a bit of gentle bending to make it fit better but otherwise it came out better than I hoped.

    Lots of pictures



    Wowzer !!!!


    I must admit, it’s a little bit better than the one I cut out of the Citadel Journal in 1987  (aged 14!). Well done.

    Steve Johnson

    Excellent work.


    Really nicely done.  Wow!!!!

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