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    With the onset of Summer France and Prussia began a new round of hostilities in the Northern European province of Alsatia, both looking to control the region.

    The first engagement saw the French attack the Prussia defensive formation at Kilberg, resulting in the routing of the Prussian Army. However the French losses saw two of their cavalry formations broken and rebuilt with fresh conscripts, luckily many of the infantry gained valuable experience. The Prussian, with their Depot Battalions, made good their losses to some degree.

    The next engagement saw a Prussian counter-attack into the Nilhoff Valley, which saw the annilation of the Prussian cavalry and the retreat of the rest of the Prussian Army.

    The armies have now retired to winter quarters, but the Prussians now face a difficult foe, with the twice victorious French army comprised of all but two units, of Veterans and Guard units and notable aristocrats flocking to the French cause!
    French Artillery on the Kilberg Heights;

    Prussian Jagers at Kilberg;

    French Infantry Advance at Kilberg;

    The Prussians follow suit;

    French Cavalry in the Nilhoff Valley;

    The doomed Prussian horse at Nilhoff;

    The French Main Line;

    Prussian infantry in the valley;


    What? The French win? Please, spare me the details.

    Sounds like great fun you’re having.



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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