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    The re-birth of WW2 gaming for me will start soon with the completion of the “pimping” of my late war British & German battle groups & a first game in about a fortnight.

    I also have an American force that has been left on the backburner. Indeed, it’s not vital to my immediate plans at all but will provide some variety in substituting for the Brits in giving the Germans a run.

    I pulled them out for a look; the first in years and they’re a bit more awful than I’d remembered.

    With your indulgence, this is what I have:

    US WW2


    CO (+vehicle)

    2x HQs (+ vehicle)




    4 x M4 Sherman medium tanks

    2 x M10 Tank Destroyers


    24 X infantry squads

    13 X Airborne squads

    2 X HMGs

    2 x Mortar


    Greyhound armoured car



    AA M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage

    A/T gun   3”
    P51 fighter-bomber


    4 jeeps

    5 x Halftracks

    1 Truck


    2x ‘Long Toms’

    Lots of infantry. In spite of desiring no more purchases I’m going to   have to buy a few things to make them more “punchy”.

    I’m thinking 3 Stuarts (from the Toy Soldier Company?).  Any other ideas? Obvious gaps?




    Just Jack

    Sure, Stuarts, and about a dozen more Shermans.  Probably  a third Wolverine, too, maybe some M8 GMCs and M8 armored cars.

    As you mentioned, that’s a lot of infantry for BKC, you probably need more MGs, mortars, and ATGs, maybe even 75mm pack howitzers?




    You need more Americans!!! Second the 75 mm pack howitzers.


    24 infantry squads is nearly a full battalion, with 9 rifle squads per company in 3  infantry companies. You may as well paint up another 3 squads and finish the battalion, assuming you can deploy a force that big under your rules.

    By ‘HMG’ I suppose you mean .50 MGs. I don’t know how MGs are represented in your rules, but US MG squads were double-armed; they had both .50 HMGs, which they set up when defending positions, and tripod-mounted Browning .30 MMGs, which they would use in mobile warfare. There was a weapons platoon with 2 MGs in every infantry company, and a battalion weapons company with another 8 MGs. You should have a lot of .30 MMGs supporting your US infantry. It was common for American infantry to scrounge extra .30 MGs.

    I suppose your mortars are 81 mm. Again, I don’t know how your rules represent mortars. A weapons platoon had 3 X 60 mm mortars, while the battalion weapons company had 3 X 81 mm mortars.

    If your BKC rules are stand = squad level, then note that 1 MG or mortar is a squad.

    I suppose your infantry squads have organic bazookas, but if not, there should be plenty of those for late-war scenarios.

    If you’re staging games in North Africa and Sicily you can use some early-war kit: 37 mm AT, half-track 75 mm SP AT, White Scout Cars. By 1944 towed AT was upgraded to 57 mm or even 3″.

    If you’re putting artillery on the table, you need a battery of 105 mm howitzers, possibly some 75mm pack howitzers for the paratroops.

    You need a couple of jeeps with .30 MMGs mounted for scouting. The armored cars were to radio HQ when the jeep drew fire.

    If dropping into combat, the paratroops would have lighter support weapons, but if going into action as leg infantry, they would have support weapons like the regular infantry.

    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!


    Thanks for the advice, gents.

    It confirms my impression that the Americans are boring in terms of variety of weapons.

    As I don’t want to expand the force beyond what’s needed for a game of BKC, the 3x Stuarts, maybe a Sherman M4A3(105) and another plane (a Typhoon?) will be on the shopping list.

    As well as the 2x 50 cal HMGs, I have 4x 30 cal MGs which I was going to roll into “normal” infantry but I’ll change their designation to MGs.



    The key force multiplier for American infantry is: unlimited ammunition, all the time. Victory through superior firepower.

    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!


    I’d get a few more Shermans, if using PSC, go for the option with both 75mm and 76mm turrets. Stuart are fun.

    Id also get some tow 57mm AT.

    Then you’ve got pretty much exactly what my Americans have!

    I wouldn’t worry about artillery, it will be off table anyway.

    "Mistakes in the initial deployment cannot be rectified" - Helmuth von Moltke


    ….I wouldn’t worry about artillery, it will be off table anyway.


    … but there will be a lot of it.


    I wouldn’t worry about artillery, it will be off table anyway.


    But I like artillery. My 3 battle groups all have artillery models that are placed on the edge of the table &, of course, can’t be targeted.

    They look nice & what better reason can you have than that?




    They look nice & what better reason can you have than that?

    Tru dat.

    Mike Headden

    I always use models for off-table artillery in BKC games, otherwise I forget a) that I have them and b) what’s been knocked out by counter battery fire.

    Growing old is mandatory, growing up is entirely optional!


    Well yes, if I’ve got the models then I’ll use them, but they aren’t strictly necessary in this case.

    "Mistakes in the initial deployment cannot be rectified" - Helmuth von Moltke

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