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    I hope this may be of some use to any other TMWWBK’s gamers amongst the TWW cognoscenti.

    Please note: I claim no great wisdom or insight in formulating these. They work for my little group & possibly for no-one else:

    Additional Rules  for The Men Who Would Be Kings     26/8/2017


    Unit size. 1.Tribal infantry should be in units of 20 figures. For every such units the total of the native Field Force will be raised 1 point

    2. Mounted Infantry will be in units of 10 figures (both mounted & dismounted)

    3.Command levels

    3.1. For each 3 units (rounding up), a Field Force can have another layer of command.

    3.2. These local commanders will be represented by appropriate single figures of emirs, army majors, Zulu induna etc. who will be given leadership ability in a similar manner to Unit Leaders.

    3.3. When un-attached, these local commanders cannot be targeted but may be captured if surrounded or cut-off by the enemy. If temporarily attached to a unit, failed dice rolls for Action can be re-rolled once. However, if the unit experiences any casualties during the time they are attached, they will also become casualties on a similar, but separate, dice roll for Leader Casualties.

    3.4. If one of the units in their command loses its Unit Leader, the local commander may move to the unit (using normal movement rules) and take command.

    3.5. The local commander will remain attached to the unit for the duration of the game (or until their demise), functioning as per the Leadership rules.

    3.6. Each Field Force will have a designated Army Commander.

    3.7 This will be represented by an appropriate individual figure.

    3.8 The Army Commander cannot be targeted by enemy fire but may be captured if cut off or surrounded. This will end the game.

    3.9   For each Leader lost in the combat, the Field Force will accrue a point (use a D6 placed near the Army Commander). When Leadership loses equal 50% of the Field Forces’ leadership, the Field Force will retreat.


    Movement.   1. Camels will receive a lesser penalty for movement on Difficult terrain (8 inches per turn.)

    2. Mounted Infantry may mount/dismount & move as one free Action but with a movement penalty of 1”. M.I. fire as per Modern/Obsolete Rifle when dismounted & at carbine range when mounted.

    3. Moving ‘At the Double’ can only be used every second turn.

    4. Interpenetration of units through friendly & unfriendly units is impossible unless retreating.

    5. Units will move in straight lines with up to 2 wheels allowed per turn. A 180 degree turn before or after moving will cost 2 inches of the unit’s movement allocation.  A unit cannot charge an enemy in its rear.

    6. Units encountering terrain (area or linear) will halt, proceeding next turn at the appropriate movement rate.

    6. All units can perform the Fall Back order (full move back) away from nearest enemy in normal movement range during their Movement Action. They finish facing the enemy.

    7. Tribal units in Gone to Ground may move a half move, remaining in this mode, but must start and finish a minimum of 8 inches away from the nearest enemy unit.

    8. Squares: 3 or 4 sided squares can be formed in Movement Action by non-native infantry. Squares will move at 4” per turn thereafter, with all figures facing out. A unit may charge out of a square but this will break the formation. Units in square will gain a +1 in Pinning tests.

    9. Evade: mounted units (cavalry or camelry: not dismounted) being charged by any enemy are allowed an evade move in the enemy’s turn. A D6 roll will minus that many inches from your normal move range. An evading unit will end the move with their backs to the enemy. This means if the unit fails to get clear, they will be penalised in melee as per the rear attack rule.

    10. Limber/pack: artillery/machine guns can ne limbered/unlimbered at the loss of half a move (Anglo-Egyptians) or a full move for Mahdists.


    Combat.    1. Figures can only shoot if they can see their target. A unit may thus have only some of its figures eligible to fire.

    2. Firing will be allowed at a 45   degree angle of the front face of the unit firing (except for Volley fire which will remain straight ahead)

    3. Units, feeling threatened, can reserve their fire for a turn (thereby doing nothing but ‘Stand To’) & fire at half effect if charged.

    4. Leaders will be killed as per the rules but on dice rolls of double 1s or 6s

    5.Units charged from the front will melee with their attackers on their designated fighting strength (as per Unit Card). If pinned, only half their figure strength will fight back (rounding down).

    6.Units charged on flank or rear will melee with their attackers on a ‘6’, using half their figure strength (rounding down). If also pinned, they will be unable to defend


    7. A unit, when first pinned, recoils its normal movement distance backwards.








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    Thanks for sharing!


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