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    Latest AAR involving Soviet tank and motor rifle companies attacking a West German force. A devastating preliminary bombardment opened up the defence but lethal German shooting combined with poor Soviet shooting and brittle morale nearly saved the day for the free world.




    Thanks for the AAR.

    Brian Handley

    Bit supprised about the attcak, usualy the Infantry are about 400 yds ahead of the BMP’s, which even at this scale I think would not look like this.  This would protect them from the RPG’s, while still being fully effective with its automatic weapons at the enemy.   I can proably fing the relevant document on the net if you want.


    Few CG/Pzfst44 hits, the BMPs were hit by Milans as the smoke cleared so the infantry piled out sharpish. Those carefully planned exercise drills don’t always survive first contact with the enemy!


    For me one of the interests of wargaming is not having to follow historical tactics.  I’m in command and I can do it any way I like.

    Less enthusiasm, please. This is Britain.

    Just Jack

    I would submit that the Soviets absolutely had doctrine/battle drill for mounted assaults by mechanized infantry, driving their APCs all the way onto the objective before dismounting, or even remaining mounted while suppressing enemy positions with arty and the fire of every onboard weapon while driving through enemy defensive positions, it’s kinda why they put firing ports in their AFVs…

    Great batrep, by the way, and sorry I didn’t comment on it here, I’d already read and commented on Will’s.


    John D Salt

    Mr. Picky finds the action and the result quite believable. The Sovs had nothing like the numerical superiority they would have wanted, but against an opponent who kept still to be malletted by the artillery and fought frontally, including committing reserves frontally into a losing battle, they got a very good result by keeping going fast.

    I see among the terrain several electricity pylons. Do the rules include any provision for them fouling the guidance wires of ATGWs? It’s obviousy going to be more of a problem for helo-launched than ground-fired missiles and I think the Milans shouldn’t have had a problem here if the ground in front of them was nice and flat, I’m just wondering if this (or indeed any) set of rules allows for the problem.

    All the best,



    I’m thinking about converting this to Team Yankee and give it a try.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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