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    RDF base, recreational room – Proxima B

    Trooper Giles walks into the recreational room. Just as Trooper Kate Collins sinks the 8 ball.
    “That’s three in row you’ve won” Says Trooper Andy Watson
    “I wouldn’t play with her and expect to win. She’s a demon when it comes to playing Poole”. Smirks Giles.
    “Well, some got it and some haven’t” she relies
    “Come on Kate, rack ‘em up. I need to win one at least before we go on shift”. Says Watson.

    Giles grabs a tablet off the table and starts to look at the days news back on Mars. It’s not very often the gate opens. So the opportunity to send signals through it back to Mars are limited. Without the gate any comms signals would take light years to make it.
    “Hey I wonder if they’ve sent us Playboy of the month” he says jokingly.
    “Marian news is getting boring”
    “Hey Collins! Why don’t you go on the front page of next months edition?” Says Giles, laughing at his own humour. The young 20 year old looks at him and frowns.
    “I’m a soldier, not your bloody sex fantasy”

    Giles laughs again when the door opens and The RDF Trooper walks in. He throws his PBR32 assault rifle on the Poole table. Sending the balls in all directions.
    “That thing doesn’t belong on there does it? Why don’t you take it to the armoury?” Snaps Collins
    “Alright, alright keep your hair on sweetheart.” Jeers The RDF Trooper
    “You’re a real moron aren’t you?” Snaps Watson
    The RDF Trooper looks at him and scowls.
    “And you’re really dead aren’t you?” he replies with hate and destain.

    Nether Troopers Collins or Watson saw the snub nose silenced pistol. Two muted rounds struck Watson dead centre, killing him instantly. Collins was quick to react. She turned to move and got to the end of the table when a round hit her in the hip. She spins around and collapses in pain. Giles shoots up from his seat still holding the tablet. He runs towards the rear door as The RDF Trooper tacks him. He squeezes the trigger and a round finds its mark on the centre of his spine. He yells and falls backwards.

    “Ahrrrr, what……the hell” screams Collins, clutching at her hip.
    “Hang on sweetheart, I’ll be with you in a moment” says The RDF Trooper

    He walks over to the dying man. Trooper Giles squirms around in a pool of his own blood, face twisted in agony as he dies. The RDF Trooper looks down at him, head tiled.
    “Oh, beautiful” He remarks “Just beautiful”

    Meanwhile, while he was admiring his handy work. Trooper Collins manages to reach up and get a hand on the assault rifle which he left on the Poole table.

    “Ah, no you don’t” He says snatching it away and kicking her to the floor.
    “Take it to the armoury, yeah right. Maybe I should take you to the morgue!….IN BITS!” He screams
    He revs up the Chayonet on the rifle and begins cutting into the young solider. Starting at her feet for maximum effect, as she begs for mercy.


    The RDF Trooper exits though the door into the passage. Wiping the blood
    from his face as he catches sight of Captain Fouquet staring at him.
    “Room secure sir” Says The RDF Trooper, smirkingly.
    Fouquet pushes past him and steps into the room. He quickly steps back out and closes the door.
    “What the hell is the matter with you? I said detain them, not slaughter them like pigs”. He snaps
    “Oh, spare me the euphemisms Fouquet. Don’t they looked detained to you?”
    “You’ve taken care of the Raven from Mars I take it” Says Fouquet, ignoring his comment. The RDF Trooper nods.
    “I’ve told Richards to incapacitate Colin and Clyde and bring them in. Those two could make valuable hostages. I’ve told him to kill the others” Fouquet continues. “That just leaves Shields and the controller in the C&C room”
    “Want me to take care of them?” Grins The RDF Trooper.
    “Good lord no. I don’t want the control room looking like a Butchers yard. I’ll do it. You go and get yourself cleaned up. You look like something out of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.
    The RDF Trooper stomps off towards the washrooms. Fouquet watches him go as he thinks to himself that he’ll have to deal with him when the time is right. The man is clearly a manic.

    To be continued……….

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    Darkest Star Games


    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Alexander Wasberg

    That’s heavy, quite the scene!


    Man !

    Sooner or later there’s going to have to be a serious butt kicking !

    Nobody does that to the RDF and gets away with it !

    He he, quite the build up you’ve got going on here.

    Kudos to you sir.

    If you like small scale skirmish, check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0


    Yeah, he’s quite the character isn’t he? He goes beyond nasty. Next chapter up is in the command and control room (C&C). Since the chapter following it is in the C&C as well. I will do pics then, (will give me time to set up the scene). Also there’s not a lot of point showing the same pics for both chapters.

    RDF Base – Command and Control room (C&C)

    Shields finishes off looking at the comms file from 2 weeks ago. He closes down the app and walks over to Trooper Hinckley.
    “Are you armed?” He asks
    “Something wrong sir?”. Replies Hinckley.
    “Very, here take my sidearm, I’ll get another from the armoury. Stay sharp, there are problems afoot”. He says
    Hinckley nods and holsters the pistol.

    Then Fouquet enters the C&C and takes in the surrenderings.
    “There you are Captain” Says Colonel Shields.
    “Sorry sir, I’ve been delayed”. He replies.
    “We just heard from Hinz’s Pathfinder. Except it wasn’t him. It was Gomez, the Ravens pilot from Mars. It seems they all survived the crash and made it to the power station. No sign of Hinz’s team though, which is odd”. Shields continues “I have to take a look at something, you remain here”

    Fouquet waits no longer, he draws his side arm and points it at the Colonel. But with resent events Shields was ready. He had been decrypting the secret comms files. He knew at least one persons was working for an outside party. He knew there was a mole, a traitor. He knew the RDF were compromised. But wasn’t sure who or how many RDF where involved.

    With surprising speed for a man in this late fifties. Shields disarmed Fouquet and the pistol went scattering across the floor and under the plotting table. But Fouquet was no slouch, he counterattacked and soon had the Colonel on the floor. Fouquet was about to launch another attack.
    “ENOUGH” shouts Trooper Hinckley
    Fouquet stops and sees that Hinckley. Has drawn the pistol that Shields gave him and is pointing it right at him.
    “Trooper, that man is a traitor to the RDF. Place him under arrest” Says Fouquet
    “Don’t listen to him. He’s a traitor that has sold his sole to the Cerberus Corporation!” Shields continues “I’ve been deciphering the comms files, I know about Cerberus! Tell me how much did they offer? Was it money? Land? Titles? Deeds? How much did they offer you Fouquet to sell out your own countryman!” Says Shields.

    “This command, the gate and this world is now the Property of the Cerberus Corporation” Says Fouquet
    “I’ve locked out the gate. It’s on a rotating algorithm. You can’t use it, so if you’ve been planning on bring your own people in. Forget it” Says Shields

    Fouquet turns to Hinckley. “Time to pick a side lad, they can give you anything you want. Anything. All you have to do is arrest the Colonel”.

    To be continued……….

    Alexander Wasberg

    I hope that Hinckley makes the right call, otherwise Shields is looking at even more trouble..

    Great piece, awaiting the next one eagerly 🙂



    Sorry for the delay, be working flat out and the last two weekends as well. To top it off I’ve had a leak in my shower room. So, I’ve been busy rebuilding all that. Plus, (get this) had a leak in the upstairs bathroom. So been doing that as well! But, remarkably I have been building scenery. All this disruption with building materials knocking around etc…has meant that I haven’t needed to look far for scenery materials! 5mm ply, 5mm cladding, plasterboard, insulation board, various paints and other stuff. Has come in very handy while  constructing scenery of The Genesis Findings.

    Anyway enough waffle for the moment…..the next chapter….

    Command and Control Room (C&C) – Proxima B 

    Hinckley lowered the pistol and stared at the floor. Then with reinforced purpose he raised his gun at Fouquet.
    “No, Captain you’re under arrest .”Says Hinckley ……….

    ………………..He was about to continue when a muted sound and a thump caused Hinckley to drop the gun and clutched his neck. As blood pour from a hole in his neck. He collapsed and Fouquet moved quickly to pick up the pistol.

    “Having problems?” Says The RDF Trooper, as he walked further into the room.
    “Nothing I couldn’t handle”
    “Yeah looked like it” Says The RDF Trooper As he put two more rounds into Hinckley.
    “Want me to finish off the old man too?” He says pointing the pistol at Shields.
    “NO! You’ve done enough killing, we need him. He’s locked out the gate.” Says Fouquet

    Then Trooper Peters walks into the C&C. He is the last RDF member to be bought out by Cerberus.
    “Peters, take the Colonel to the radar station and lock him in the utility room there. We will deal him later”. Orders Fouquet.

    Fouquet waits unit Peters has removed Shields from the room. He turns to The RDF Trooper.
    “YOU IDIOT! there’s survivors from the Raven which you shoot down. You didn’t bother to check and now they are on their way here. That’s sloppy work!” Shouts Fouquet. Throwing a tablet at The RDF Trooper, just missing him.
    The RDF Trooper, frowns and explodes into a rage.
    “I was Cerberus long before you! I’m one of their Devine children. Second only to God! But you……you were merely bribed. They waved a big fat cheque under your nose and you caved. As my duty I was made to join the RDF as a mole. For three years I had to endure this stinking outfit. So don’t you lecture me!”

    Fouquet had heard enough, he reached for the pistol which he picked up from Hinckley. But The RDF Trooper was quicker. He thrust his combat knife up and into Fouquet. With drawing it and thrusting again into his gut. Fouquet collapses and slumps against the plotting table.
    “Now, go and die in whatever agony seems bests” grins The RDF Trooper.

    End of Part One. To be continued………

    Ok, that’s the end of part one. I’m working on part two now. Although there will be a delay, part two will be posted a lot quicker and the chapters will not be far apart, right up to the closing chapter. Although I’ve been pretty busy, I haven’t been slacking….Here’s a little teaser, an outlook to part two….

    McCallum’s team is on their way to C&C at the RDF base. They will be stopping off at the bases sewage treatment/effluent plant first. I’ve nearly build this scenery, just need to do the snow effects and flock it. In this scene, the “mysterious newcomer”. Who found Trooper Chapman at the solar power station and stole Colin’s PathFinder just pior. His identity will be revealed. Also the identity of the large person, who Chapman had contact with. There will also be a scene in an infirmary. I’m doing the internal part now and have finished the external part of it. (Made it from a cheese spread pot).

    Then it will be on to the Radar Station, where the dirty Trooper Peters has taken the CO, Colonel Shields. I haven’t started this yet. In this scene the notorious main villain, known only as “The RDF Trooper” will make an appearance. Will he get his “just desserts” for the horrible killings of the RDF Troopers in the Poole room? Well, you might find out.

    Then finally, the big show down. This will be at the RDF base. I’ve made and primed the external part of the C&C. The internal part is what you’ve just seen in this chapter.  This will be part of the conclusion. Where the surviving RDF will be fighting for their lives and humanity!!!!!!!


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    kid bananas

    Dude I was blown away by the scenery you made, that is until you introduced the rec room and control room. Absolutely the bee’s knees.

    Alexander Wasberg

    Awesome, Part 1 has been a blast, the scenery is killer and story even more so!

    I hope part 2 will be as great 🙂


    Thanks peeps, glad you’re all liking it. I’m well under way with part 2, so thought I’ll whack up the first bit. I’ve almost done the infirmary scene. So should have that up in a day or so.

    Part 2 – The Genesis Findings

    RDF Effluent Treatment Plant – Proxima B

    Maine sighs and wishes he never volunteered for this assignment. Let alone being sewage engineer. Although this Northern region of Proxima B is coming out of winter. The cold is still playing havoc with the pipes. Yet another joint has ruptured. He sighs again and moves to the slurry pit. That has ruptured too and slurry is leaking out. Only one way to fix it is to get in there. Not a task Maine is relishing, especially since the base is so short staffed.

    He looks up and hears two vehicles approaching. He sees Clyde and Obidiah, appear over head. Along with some other RDF which he hasn’t see before.
    “Oi Paddy! Up to your waist in the smelly stuff again?” Laughs Obidiah
    “Yeah laugh it up Obidiah, I’ve got two ruptured pipes and no help. Tried getting on to control for some men and equipment. But can’t raise anyone. Where’s Shields or Fouquet. C&C is supposed to be manned 24/7”. Maine replies.
    After Maine finishes complaining, Colin starts briefing Him on the issues they are having.
    “We still can’t get Shields on the radio. Last time we spoke to Fouquet, now we can’t get him either. We are on our way to C&C now”. Says Colin
    “Yeah, I’ve been trying report the issue with these pipes. Can’t get anyone in the C&C, I need some help here” replies Maine.

    Meanwhile Trooper Ritter wonders away from the group. The conversation with Maine is of limited interest for him. He moves over to the infirmary and meets Trooper Song coming out.
    “They got a pretty state of the art place here. But no medical staff” Says Song, slinging his flame unit over his shoulder.
    “Could be automated” replies Ritter
    Both men make their way further away from the Effluent plant.
    “Look at this” Says Ritter, looking down at the snow.
    “Some sort of tracks……but these are more man made” Says Song.
    “Agreed, I’m not fully up on the wildlife around here. But this isn’t natural”
    Both men look at each other. Working out the possibility. They both come quickly to the same conclusion.

    A Combat Walker! And the RDF don’t use Walkers! This can only mean one thing. Then before they have chance to report it, Ritter catches sight of something. They watch it until it starts to come into view. Then their conclusion proves correct! Except this is a machine they’ve never seen before!


    To be continued……..

    Alexander Wasberg

    Great opening for part 2, these troopers really can’t catch a break!


    Woah! Sh*t just got more deep!

    Love your pipeworks, there’s enough randomness to them to make them look more real.



    If you like small scale skirmish, check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0

    Darkest Star Games

    Some dudes are about to get squiiiiished!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    Ritter and Song quickly make it back to the others and explain what they’ve just seen. Before McCallum can start giving orders, it appears.
    Instantly the team takes cover. Not a moment to soon as the intention of the combat walker is reveal. It opens up on the PathFinder Paladin with some sort of energy weapon. Luckily the vehicle was unoccupied as the energy burst cuts straight through the Paladin’s hull like a hot knife through butter.

    The hostile action sparks a hail of small arm fire from the RDF. Song nearly loses his hearing when Ritter opens up with his mini gun. The walker Carries on, the weapons fire from the RDF seems to have little effect.

    The walker adopts a firing posture and was about to shoot at Ritters and Song position. When, out of the blue a PathFinder comes racing in and smashes into the walker. An almighty crash fills the air. Colin looks up from his position as he rams another clip into his rifle.
    “That’s my bloody PathFinder!” He Shouts.

    For a moment all goes quiet as everyone just looks at the heap of twisted metal. Then, movement. A large figure appears from the crushed walker. Possible the pilot, but whoever he was, he wasn’t friendly. He levelled his weapon and fired at Clyde. Who luckily twisted out of the way as the energy shot harmlessly hit the snow. More weapons fire erupted from the RDF. Which just seemed to get soaked up. Wasn’t just the walker that seemed to have protective shielding. This guy had it too.

    Lt Heap moved forward and loaded a fresh clip. He called over to Daniels to cover him as he takes advantage. Of the assailant getting distracted. Unfortunately for Heap, he mistimed it, gets hit and goes down.

    Meanwhile, Colin, Clyde and McCallum was about to pull back when the Attacker pushes forward. Now, he couldn’t miss them. He levelled his weapon at McCallum. But before he could fire he was hit from behind. The shot seemed to of gone through his shielding and out through his chest. The large attacker then collapsed to the ground.

    Before anyone could work out what just happened Daniels came running over to McCallum.
    “Sir, it’s Lieutenant Heap. He’s hit. I’ve treated him with GX gel. But I’ve never seen a wound like it”. She says
    “GX Gel?” Asks Obidiah
    “We discovered it last year. It revitalises cellular function” Says McCallum.
    McCallum moves over to Heap’s position.
    “What have you done Frank?” Jeers McCallum
    “The bugger got me……Oh man my arm hurts” he says.
    “The infirmary has the latest diagnostic equipment”. Says Colin.
    “Daniels take him in there and Song, give her a hand.” Orders McCallum.
    McCallum was about to starting asking who took down the attacker. When Ritter comes over the comms.
    “Contact” he shouts as his mini gun opens up.
    He pulls back and links up with McCallum and the rest.
    “Another one. He’s got bloody shields as well”. Says Ritter.
    Then as they pull back, with a terrified Maine in tow. All he knows is that he came here to fix some ruptured pipes. Then mysterious figure appears.
    “Hey! You’re the one who nicked our Pathfinder!” Shouts Colin.

    “Hold your fire, I mean you no harm” Says the mysterious newcomer.

    The RDF team hold back and soon the torrent of questions followed……

    To be continued…..


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    Ha ha I love it! Get some…

    Question, where’s the mini of the mysterious stranger from? I don’t recognise him.



    If you like small scale skirmish, check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0


    That is AB’s character model Kinessa Johanson.

    Alexander Wasberg

    Some terrifying and brilliant action going on, all at the same time!

    I hope the newcomer does come in peace..

    Great work as always 🙂


    “Who the hell are you? What are you doing here? Where did you come from?” Were just some of the questions.

    “My name is Kinessa Johanson and I am a watcher” replies Johanson, he continues.
    “You are fortunate that I am here. That PHR soldier would have killed you all if I didn’t intervened. You are lucky only one of your team has been killed”.
    “Lt Heap is not dead, just wounded”Says Colin
    “You don’t understand….those weapons are energy based. Has the capability to destroy organic and non organic compounds. By breaking down DNA and cell structure. Also has the capacity to alter DNA and mutate cells as well” Says Johanson.
    “Alter DNA? Why?” Asks Clyde
    “To turn the casualty into a biological weapon. In order to cause more casualties and drain resources on the battle field”. Says Johanson
    “Like a land mine just blowing off a soldiers legs” Says Woods. Thinking out loud.

    Then McCallum turns to look at the infirmary.
    “Oh my god! Frank!”

    Infirmary – Proxima B

    Daniels and Song stubbled into the infirmary with Lt Heap on their shoulders.
    “Get him into a diagnostic bed” Says Daniels
    Song unslung his flame unit and placed it on the table. So he could handle Heap’s weight better.
    “Oh it hurts……my chest!” He groans as he collapses.
    “He’s stopped breathing….” Says Song as he starts to do CPR
    “Carry on with the chest compressions and I’ll get a defibrillator” Shouts Daniels.

    As Daniels pulled the defibrillator from its storage box. Song was on his tenth chest compression when Heaps chest seemed to open up into a cavity. Song’s arms went in and the cavity snapped shut. Bitting off Song’s arms up to his elbows. He fell back screaming and collapsed.

    Then Heaps chest opened up again, with what seemed liked blood red tentacles. They squirmed and slithered, as if trying to reach out and infect others.

    Daniels dropped the defibrillator and just stood there. Then the situation started to snap her back into reality. She clicked off the safety on her rifle and fired. Rounds spat all over the place, hitting the corpses of Heap and Song. Smashing into the medical beds and computer terminals. But with little effect. The bloody red tentacles kept moving and seemed to of sensed her. She pulled back towards the door and was about to turn when she laid eyes on Song’s flame unit.

    She snatched it up and hit the ignition button. Instantly a jet of Petroleum Jelly Ethanol shot out, sticking on just about any surface and burning the infirmary down. Daniels kept the button pushed as she exited the blazing infirmary.

    To be continued……..


    Wow, that infirmary looks the bomb!!!

    Are those cryo chambers and consoles from National Cheese Emporium?

    If so I’m going to finnaly cave in and buy me some, they look ace.

    Also…     THE THING MAN!  How cool is that?

    I just love how you throw everything that’s cool together and make it even better.

    Please do not stop, your stuff is super inspiring, thank you.



    If you like small scale skirmish, check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0

    Darkest Star Games

    Oh.  My.  Goodness!  A hand weapon that can turn anyone into The Thing is daaaaarn scary.  Loving this!  Say, where did you get the cryo units?

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Alexander Wasberg

    Oh no, aliens, bio-monstrosities and traitors? They really landed in a mess..

    I can only second Stroezie, this is great!


    Glad you are all enjoying it. I had the infirmary scene up my sleeve since the start. Wasn’t easy trying to recreate the iconic chest chomp from the movie in 6mm.

    Yes, those beds are National Cheese Emporium on Shapeways. Unfortunately my painting was a little scruffy, doesn’t do the models justice.


    Hope you’ve all had a good Christmas. I’ve had a little free time, not a lot. Been busy with the family and that. But have manage to continue with a bit more. No pics with this chapter, as it’s still on location at the Effluent plant. For those of you who are following the story. It’s basically a write up on Johanson explaining what is going on and why. For those who are not bothering with the story and just rubber necking at the pics. You might what to skip this post.

    Effluent Plant – Proxima B 

    The RDF team members watch the infirmary burn as Daniels tells them what happened. They look deflated, fatigued. Especially Ritter, Lt Heap and Trooper Song where his squad and he felt a huge loss. McCallum also felt the same way. He had known Heap and long time, they both took their commissions at the same time. Although, McCallum shot to Major quicker he never lost contact with Heap. They all turn to Johanson for answers. Which seem to make sense of all which as happened.

    Johanson looks at them and begins to explain.
    “That combatant was a PHR soldier” he says pointing to the large body. The white blankless face looking up.
    “Post Human Race. Yes, they are human. Although a different species of human. I’m Homo sapien, the same as you. They are not. They are descendants from a human race which date back millenniums and they are here to destroy all other species of humans.

    Many millenniums ago the PHR populated the planet which you call Mars. It was a flourishing planet. They were very technically advanced, they built a number of transwarp gates. To allow faster movement across the universe. They were also adapt in bio mechanics. They started to create life on the neighbouring planet you call Earth. First with reptiles, which you know as the dinosaurs. Then came mammals, soon other more basic species of humans. Then the PHR started to create Homo Sapians.

    But not all in the PHR society agreed with this. They saw the creation of other human species as pollution to their kind. Soon a civil war ensued and the PHR fought to their near extinction. They killed their own planet as you know as Mars. Attacked life on the planet you know as Earth, killing the reptiles. A small amount of PHR who were anti Homo Saipan left their dead planet for the far reaches of the universe. They thought they had destroyed all resistance and killed all other humans, but they hadn’t. My homo Saipan decedents took their technology and fed across the universe to become “Watchers” always looking out for the return of the PHR. While a small number managed to set up a new life on the planet you call Earth.

    Only two transwarp gates survived the war. Both of which you’ve discovered. One on the planet you call Mars and the other here. On the planet you call Proxima B. When you started to use the gates, they admitted a large power signature. The PHR have detected this and have sent a reconnaissance team to find out who is using their ancestors technology. We Watchers detected this too and me and a team of others came to investigate as well. We arrived at the same time as the PHR ship. We managed to destroy their ship but they also destroyed us. I was the only one to make it out alive. My escape pod crashed here. Along with three PHR soldiers. I’ve killed one, there are still two others”.

    The RDF Troopers all look stoneyfaced and unsure what to think and say. Johanson has just, basically told them their origins.

    ”Ok, we salvage what vehicles we have and carry on to base” Says McCallum.

    They untangle Colin’s Pathfinder from the wreckage of the combat walker and start up the MTV. Although they have lost  Lt Heap and Trooper Song. They’ve gained Johanson, who seems friendly enough. McCallum wasn’t sure if he trusted him, but then all this is a lot to take in and allies are in short supply. All him knew for sure was that they are facing a powerful foe. What McCallum doesn’t know is that was only a scout walker which was taken out. Not to mention there still might be RDF traitors to deal with back at the ice station.

    To be continued………

    I have block painted the Ice Station and will have this done soon. This is the last bit of scenery and the final part of the story. If anyone would like to know more of the story let me know, I can write a bit more in. I think I’ve covered the core of it. But I’m trying to keep it more of a fable, for simplicity, if you know what I mean. Anyway peeps stay tuned.

    Alexander Wasberg

    That must be quite the thing to be told, I can’t imagine what’s going through McCallum and the other’s heads..

    Nice piece of story, I’m eagerly anticipating what fresh hell is in store for them at the Ice Station!


    This is such a gripping story.


    RDF Ice Station base – Proxima B

    The snow crunches under their boots as the two men make their way across the compound. The RDF Trooper looks at Trooper Peters.

    “Ok, now that you’ve locked up Shields, we have work to do” Says The RDF Trooper. He continues “We have an RDF unit coming in and we need to arrange a little surprise party for them”.

    Peters looks uneasy, the thought of taking hostile action against his own makes him feel very uncomfortable. He thought that they would just detain the garrison. Let Cerberus have control of the gate and that would be that.

    “Not getting cold feet are you? Because you’ve been paid a pretty penny. So you better back me up”. Scoffs The RDF Trooper. Jabbing a finger sharply into the side of peters’s head.

    “No…….no….I’m…I’m ok” he replies.
    They make their way to the storage area when they hear the vehicles. They both wait and watch out of sight. As the teams of both vehicles disembark.
    “Urrrh, there’s more then I thought. I thought Richards had Colin and Clyde detained. Still….never mind, more RDF filth to kill”.
    He says smiling.
    “Um…..is this a….a good idea?…..I mean…there’s too many” stutters Peters.
    “Oh, I see. Tell you what you sit this one out and have a nice cup of tea. I’ll go and do all the work shall I?” Says The RDF Trooper as he grabs Peters by the scruff. “When I’m down the quartermasters next I’ll pick you up a spine! Now, follow my lead. If you falter I’ll cut you up like a pig. Just like that pretty little RDF tart back in the rec room” Growls The RDF Trooper. holding his combat knife up to Peter’s face.

    “Now follow me, let’s get suited up”He says
    Both men disappear into the storage building unnoticed.

    To be continued…….

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    Angel Barracks

    I was about to say that is a nice little base, then I clocked the size of the Pathfinder compared to it and it became less little!
    Kudos, do like the snow.

    Alexander Wasberg

    That trooper seems to be all sorts of nasty, I hope the group can outwit him in the end!

    Very nice base, there is some  nice scratchbuilding in there 🙂


    The RDF dismount and half the team enter the Ice Station. Leaving Gomez, Woods, Ritter, Clyde, Johanson and Maine. To check and secure the radar station.

    Johanson didn’t seem to concerned about what they were doing. An internal feud between, what he saw: other human organisations. Was of limited interest to him.
    “Maine, you stay here with Johanson, near the Pathfinder”. Orders Clyde.
    Maine looks at Johanson with terror.
    “I’m not staying here with him. He’s dangerous” protests Maine. All he knows is that he was here as an sewage engineer to fix pipes.
    “Look, he could have killed me and Colin. When he took our Pathfinder, but he didn’t. I think we can trust him”. Says Clyde.

    The four RDF soldiers make their way to the radar compound. Ritter makes ready his minigun as he takes up the rear. Clyde checks the utility outhouse and finds Colonel Shields tied up. He looks a bit worse for wear.
    “Sir! Are you ok” Says Clyde. Cutting his binds.
    “Clyde, thank God. Captain Fouquet is Cerberus Corporation. We’ve been sold out. Trooper Peters and….and” the word seems to get stuck in the Colonel’s throat.
    “and…..’him’…..are still out there” Says Shields.
    “Major McCallum came in….are you receiving over” Says Clyde into his mic.
    “It seems the comms are still down, no reply”. Says Woods.
    “We need to get to the C&C” Says Clyde.

    Then Gomez sees something moving. She looks again and realises its a RDF HARD suit! Before she had time to warn the others it opens up. MG fire strifes the area. Shields hits the floor of the utility shed as rounds bounce and wiz all around.
    “It’s him….it’s him….” he shouts.
    Ritter opens up with his minigun then throws himself into cover as the HARD suit returns fire.
    Then another HARD suit appears. Gomez fires hard from her SMG along with Woods as it runs dry. She reaches for another clip slapping it in hard.
    “We aren’t going to make a dent with these” she says.
    She looks at the second HARD suit. This isn’t good she thinks and wonders why it’s not attacking.

    Peters looks at his HUD. He could easily kill two of the RDF. But this isn’t what he signed up for. He powers down the suit and waves his arms in the air.
    “I surrender…….I surrender!” He shouts.
    The gesture has not gone unnoticed by The RDF Trooper. He growls and rants inside the suit. That useless yellow belly Peters, he thinks to himself.
    He powers up one of the suits rockets and fires. Peters was about to exit the suit when the HE rocket hit. He died instantly as the suit nearly got ripped in half by the explosion. The RDF Trooper smiles to himself
    “If you want a job doing properly, do it bloody well yourself.”

    Meanwhile……Maine who was sat in the back of the Pathfinder. Was watching all this through the viewfinder.
    “We need to help them” He says, turning to Johanson but only seeing an empty Pathfinder.
    He shrugs to himself as he climbs up into the small GMG turret and looks over the controls for the weapon. He didn’t really know what he was doing. He was always good at engineering things but not this. He swings the turret around and lines up the sights and fires at the HARD suit. The first shot goes wide and lands harmlessly in the snow. Then he fires again, this time taking out one of the inferred heat panels.
    The RDF Trooper turns his suit around, now realising he is being fired at by the Pathfinder. He powers up the second rocket and fires!

    To be Continued……

    Alexander Wasberg

    An explosive amount of action in such a short time!

    Poor Peters, he never really had a chance did he?

    I’m looking forward to the next piece!


    Another smashing episode!

    Sure do hope poor Olaf makes it out ok



    If you like small scale skirmish, check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0



    The explosion was deafening. The interior of the Pathfinder went dark and smokey. Maine clawed at any thing that would help him lift himself up from the floor of the Pathfinder. His legs hurt, his ears was ringing and he was bleeding. Some how he managed to get back into the small turret. He looked out and could just see the outline of the HARD suit through the smoke. He grabbed the controls of the GMG and hoped that it still worked. More grenades spat out and this time Maine got lucky. One hit it on the leg and another exploded taking out its MG.

    The RDF Trooper growled and cursed as the HUD flashed back “malfunction”. He decided to withdraw.

    Maine kept firing, he couldn’t really see. He was injured and didn’t really know how to operate the weapon correctly. It was mayhem. Grenades landed everywhere. Nearly taking out Ritter, while another blow the roof off the utility shed. One grenade hit the MTV and that exploded sending shrapnel in all directions. Then the GMG ran dry. Then silence…….


    …………..McCallum lower his rifle as he turns away from the empty HARD suit.

    “We could go after him. The murdering piece of Cerberus scum”. Scowls Obidiah.
    “What he did in the rec room….those were my friends…and he…he cut them up like….” Says Colin, but gets interrupted by McCallum. He could sense the anger and need for revenge. No soldier should have to die like they did.
    “He will get whats coming to him. But not yet, we have other things to worry about”. He says.

    With the area secure the whole team, except Johanson. Who was still missing, makes their to the C&C in the Ice Station. There they find the man himself. He was looking at the plotting table when they entered.
    “Thanks for the help back there” Says Maine, sarcastically.
    “I’m not here to fight your wars” Says Johanson
    “I’m here to defeat the PHR and we need to mount a defence” he says, pointing to a sat image on the plotting table screen. The team members lean in to get a better look and a few sets of eyes went wide at the sight.
    “And I was hoping that it would have been lost when we destroyed the PHR ship”

    “It’s a Hawk Hades super heavy combat walker” says Johanson
    “It will be here in less then an hour” he says.
    “How the hell can we stop that? I mean the thing is a walking city, that can level a city block” Says Woods.
    “You have two advantages” Says Johanson. Continuing.
    “The PHR need the gate. The gate which you’ve interfaced with your technology. They will want these buildings intact , if they are to take control of the gate.”
    “And the other advantage we have?” Says McCallum
    “Their logistics were destroyed when we destroyed their ship. Not only do they need your technology to power themselves. They have to balance their power levels for defence and offence”. Says Johanson

    “They will move in close with the walker, taking out any resistance. Then the infantry will disembark and secure the buildings”. Says Johanson, he continues.
    “Remember they are energy based. Their weapons, their shields and they have no way to replenish their power levels”
    “That’s why they were interested in our solar power station. Hinz and Chapman just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time” Says Shields.
    “Correct” Says Johanson.
    “What you have to do is maintain firing. Although your artificially propelled weapon systems are primitive. The PHR can’t maintain their power levels indefinitely. They will have to maintain power to their shields. Fore going the ability to use their weapons. Furthermore, with enough firepower you might be able to drain their shields. Once their Shields drop they with start to take damage. This applies to the walker and the infantry”. Continues Johanson.

    “But we can’t put down enough firepower from our rifles or the few number of Pathfinders we have.” Says Woods
    “We do have a Pathfinder Archer, if its serviceable” Says McCallum. Remembering seeing the said vehicle in the service area outside.
    Shields smiles to himself.
    “It is” replies Shields
    “Plus as it happens. We do have a few toys squirrelled away. Colin…..why don’t you take Major McCallum and show him our toy box?” Orders Shields.
    Colin smiles
    “With pleasure sir”

    To be continued………


    More stompy goodness!!!


    looking forward to finding out whats in the toy box .



    If you like small scale skirmish, check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0


    I just spent the last 15 minutes checking out this thread.  So much to look at, lots of inspiration.  I really like all the scatchbuilt structures.  Great narrative as well!

    Alexander Wasberg

    That walker is something else, I’m a bit concerned for Colin and the others!

    Another great piece, looking forward to the next one!


    Pathfinder Power…. Prevail!!!


    Thanks peeps, the adventure continues……..however the conclusion is near.

    Ice Station storage shed – Proxima B 

    Colin leads McCallum and Woods out of the C&C and into the main storage building. They went inside and Colin started to rub his hands together.



    “Right” He says
    “What’s under here?” Asks McCallum
    Woods started to tug at the tarpaulin. But was stopped by Colin.
    “Allow me” He says
    He grabs the tarpaulin and pulls like a trickster, yanking away a table cloth to leave all the fine dinnerware in place.



    “Let me introduce Tessa!”. He says, smiling
    “What a piece of junk” Says Woods
    Colin pulls a hurt expression.
    “This is a Darkest Star Python. Shes been upgraded with the latest auto loader and air burst ammunition. New retro fitted 115mm gun and upgraded turret to take it all. With the latest targeting software, sure she’s done a few miles, but she can pack a punch.” Says Colin.
    “Just need some crew” Says McCallum
    “As it happens, me Clyde and Obidiah all trained on Pythons. Don’t I like like a tanky” Says Colin, straightening his cowboy hat.
    “Look at this” Shouts Woods. “It’s a Gydran high altitude laser drone. It charges from the sun and then fires a high power laser. The latest in drone firepower”.
    “You know your drones, we also have a AB scout drone. Only armed with light MGs but will be fine for a back up”. Says Colin.
    “Can you fly these, Woods?” Asks McCallum
    “Does a bear crap in the woods?…oh I mean…..errr…yes sir!” Replied Woods.



    The three men leave the area to return to the C&C. For the first time McCallum felt they might just have a fighting chance. But he knew it will not be easy. He knew they will take casualties. They returned to C&C for the briefing of the finale showdown.

    To be continued…….

    End of Part Two…….

    Right peeps, that’s the end of part two. Since there is no more scenery which I have to build the final part will come very soon. I’m writing the final battle scene now. Then all I need to do is set up the miniatures for the pics. Only a few more chapters to go. It’s taken a while I must say, but been fun. Stay tuned….

    Alexander Wasberg

    There is no better feeling than getting that sweet sweet new(ish?) gear. The bad guys won’t know what hit them!


    Thanks for another great part, I look forward to the conclusion 🙂

    Darkest Star Games

    This is a Darkest Star Python

    …and the crowd goes wild!

    Great mods to it, really looks like it’s been around the block!  Seems your dudes had more than a little stashed away for a very rainy day!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

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