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    RDF forward research unit – location classified.

    Steve Bewskeme stumbles out from the craft and gives Clyde a puzzled look. Who pushes the non regulation cowboy hat to the back of his head and adjusts the straps to his great coat. Another piece of non regulation kit.

    “Well Steve?” He asks, looking at his brother Colin, who was dress in similar attire.
    “I dunno, I’m a botanist not a spaceship expert. But it’s definitely part of a ship of some sort, maybe an escape or drop pod. But it’s like something I’ve never seen”. He replies.
    “Maybe it’s corporation” adds Obidiah
    “No, there’s no way they could operate this far out even Cerberus. Anyway where’s the pilot or occupants?” Says Clyde.
    “Either way it’s a possible security beach. You better get on to control”.

    Clyde nods and climbs into their Pathfinder to get on the radio. Trooper Richards, the squads youngest and newest member. Who is the only RDF trooper in the squad wearing his regulation kit. Looks over his shoulder from his position in the Pathfinder drivers seat, but says nothing.
    “Delta 2 to RDF control come in please, over”.
    “This is control, Colonel Shields speaking go ahead”.
    “Sir, we have a confirmed vehicle of unknown origin. No sign of life, over”.
    There’s a pause as Shields thinks. Clyde knows this will have the Colonel worried.
    “Received Colin, return to base and do a perimeter sweep as you come, report anything out of the ordinary, over”
    “Received sir, and it’s Clyde sir. Out”.
    Colonel Shields sighs and takes a large swig of morning coffee.
    It seems that all morning they’ve been monitoring meteors and debris showers. Although not uncommon, Shields felt uneasy. Add that with the loss of two satellites yesterday. Something weird was happening and it wasn’t good.
    “What’s the news on Delta 2 sir?” Asks Captain Fouquet
    “It’s not good, it’s confirmed, we have a possible intruder and security beech…………no idea where it’s come from or how it got here. Still, not surprising really. I don’t know how much longer we could’ve kept this oporation a secret” he says smiling weakly.
    “Well, the new relief unit should soon arrive, sir” says Fouquet
    “It seems we might need the extra manpower, sooner rather than later”

    “Uh sir” says Trooper Hinckley. Who is up to now pulling a double shift as the base is so short staffed. Especially controllers.
    “We have a power drop on the main grid. The power plant in sector 7-7-3 has gone offline sir” he reports.
    “Oh great, the last thing we need right now” replies Shields.
    “Could be a problem with the fuel rods” says Fouquet
    “Either way we aren’t that well established in this area yet. We can’t afford any power problems” snaps Shields. “Send in an FRU (an RDF forward research unit) to take a look. Pathfinder 1-1-2 have an engineer onboard”.

    The RDF trooper enters the small and empty comms room. He types out an encrypted message and waits a short while in order to piggy back the signal. He knows that any reply will take time and that he might have to take the initiative.
    Unanticipated developments, advise bringing forward plans. Await your reply.

    To be continued……….


    Ominous! Looking forward to the terror and chaos just over the horizon! 🙂

    Darkest Star Games

    Ooooo, I’m hoping for a “The Thing” type beasty to get loose!  

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    This has me on the edge of my seat already!


    He he!

    Cool stuff, as usual, looking forward to this!



    If you like small scale skirmish, check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0


    The thing type beasty, I like that. Not sure I’m able to recreate a “chest chomp” in 6mm. But has certainly given me an idea for later on. Keep the ideas coming!

    Ok peeps Part One is up so if you all would like to move to that thread the adventure has started!

    Alexander Wasberg

    Interest piqued, good work as always!

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